November 2011 Employee Newsletter



Introduction from the Chancellor

With more than half of the semester over, I continue to be amazed by the dedication of our faculty and staff here at Liberty University. You have helped pave the way for the monumental opportunities that we now have before us. 

It is my hope that new facilities, such as the coming Jerry Falwell Library, will be just as much of an asset to you as they are to students. It was my privilege to introduce the plans for the library last month, and I look forward to continuing my father’s vision with such an influential facility. While our remarkable facilities may encourage students to enroll at Liberty, it is our faculty and staff that keep students here and impact their lives for Christ. 
We were blessed to take part in the culmination of our 40th Anniversary Homecoming celebration. Over 19,000 alumni, students and supporters came out for the big football game, and our Flames did not disappoint. It was an exciting weekend of memories, fellowship and rejoicing in the miracle that is Liberty University.
With Thanksgiving approaching, I am especially grateful to be working for the mission of God here at Liberty. I hope you will thank God with me that you are here during this wonderful time in Liberty’s history. May you and your families have a joyful and safe Thanksgiving celebration.
Lastly, I would like to congratulate our Employees of the Month. This is an honor you have earned through your hard work and dedication, and I appreciate all that you do.
Thank you, 
Jerry Falwell, Jr.


Business Intelligence Office Implementing You Matter

The Business Intelligence Office (BIO) at Liberty has been actively implementing the You Matter initiative in their department since its launch in August. From placing an emphasis on getting involved with students, to using the customer service standards, BIO is an excellent example of how to bring the initiative into departments in the university. In addition to that, the office has set up a display at the entrance of their office that features the Story of Liberty Mountain. Ted Whitney, Executive Director of BIO explains, "As a Liberty University Online alumn, I feel it is important that all of our staff see this information presented on a regular basis so that we do not forget where Liberty University started and who helped get the university off the ground. It is important as well that new staff have the books and other items on our display available so they can learn Liberty's history."

Tell us how your department is implementing the You Matter initiative. Whether using the customer service standards or teaching new employees about Liberty University, we want to hear what you're doing.


November Employees of the Month

Congratulations to November’s Employees of the Month: Keith Anderson, Andy Bolton, Tom Butler, Kenny Elder, Chris Fournier, Alicia MacLeod, Peggie Poluikis, Dawn Stamm, Phillip Sutton, and April Tolley.

Your contributions to Liberty are immeasurable, and what you do is truly appreciated.

Read more about November's Employees of the Month.

National Branding Initiative Begins

In an effort to continue fulfilling our vision and Train Champions for Christ, Liberty University has begun marketing in strategic cities in the United States, beginning with Philadelphia and Houston. We are encouraging these areas to enroll with Liberty and join our mission to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge and skills essential to impact the world. The initiative for these areas will go on through Christmastime. Take a look at the commercials and billboards below that are being shown in those areas. 

Liberty At A Glance

A new resource is available for all employees online. The At a Glance resource is now online for your convenience and will be updated monthly. It features a quick look at Liberty’s latest facts to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know. Learn the newest information about enrollment figures, information about each main area of campus and more. New employees and veterans alike are encouraged to reference this page often to keep up with Liberty’s continuous growth.

New Era Articles

The seven pillars of Liberty University’s 40th anniversary are being reached in numerous ways. Every month this year a different pillar has been featured to compare the accomplishments in that area of the university, contrasted with that area in Liberty’s origins. The New Era articles online are a great way to learn about Liberty’s history as well as what is happening today. If you haven’t already, make a point to read these online articles so you can be better equipped to explain Liberty University to potential students.

Seth Godin on Customer Service

At Liberty, we aim to meet and exceed our customer service standards by inviting communication with students and potential students. In his article, “Open Conversations or Close Them,” marketing expert Seth Godin discusses simple ways that a conversation can be created and welcomed rather than stopped short.

The article provides excellent applications for the atmosphere of communication we strive to provide at Liberty. It is through honest communication that we are able to improve as a university and maintain the closeness of our Liberty community.


5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Popular author and past Convocation speaker Gary Chapman recently released The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. The book focuses on cultivating an environment of effective communication, which is intended to result in “higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and employees, and decreased cases of burnout.” Every Liberty employee, whether in management or not, would benefit from reading this book.

How Not to Treat Your Coworkers

Liberty believes employees should be recognized in such a way that promotes excellence. Remember to build up and encourage those around you. Simple words can have a profound effect on productivity and enjoyment of the workplace. This Dilbert comic is a good example of how not to treat your coworkers.

Story of Liberty Mountain

The history of Liberty University is still in the making with endless, exciting plans for the future. Beyond the new Jerry Falwell Library, the Center for Cinematic Arts will allow Liberty students to reach the world for Christ through a medium never before offered by Liberty. Our mission will be further carried out through plans for the new medical school

In addition to numerous plans regarding academic expansion, we continue to focus on the safety and convenience of our students with construction of a new pedestrian tunnel. The continuous updates happening all around Liberty University reflect our desire to impact an ever-changing world for the cause of Christ.


We Want to Hear From You

Your department matters, and we want to hear from you! Let us know if someone in your department is actively living out the mission of Liberty, making an effort to increase effective communication or having a positive impact.  Your story may even be featured in a coming newsletter. Share with us at