October 2011 Employee Newsletter



Introduction from the Chancellor

The 2011-12 school year is off to a great start and I know that what you do, behind the scenes, makes Liberty University the successful institution that it is. We have decided to start a monthly employee newsletter in accordance with our “You Matter” campaign to continually honor our employees and thank them for playing an important role in Training Champions for Christ.  

Since Liberty’s inception, the university’s mission has always been for its faculty and staff to be used by God to change students’ lives. The “You Matter” initiative was launched this August to provide faculty and staff with the resources needed to carry out this mission. I would like to personally thank you for your participation in the initiative and remind you that you are a part of something bigger. “Your job doesn’t change lives. You do.” 
I would like to encourage individual departments to continue implementing the initiative within their offices. It is “my privilege” to work alongside each and every one of you. This initiative is a reaffirmation and support for all that you do, and is in place to help you do what you do better. For more details discussing the current “You Matter” initiative, please visit this website
As continual changes are made at Liberty, I want to thank the employees (see below) who worked hard to move Founder’s Pavilion over to the Vines Center Food Court. This process was expedited because our employees went above and beyond what was necessary to provide excellent service. This is just one way in which our employees’ work directly impacts the lives of our students. 
Thank you!
Jerry Falwell Jr.

Vines Center Food Court

Founder’s Pavilion that was located in Green Hall has been moved to the Vines Center. Under the direction of Scott Starnes, Liberty’s Vice President of Field Operations, and Lee Beaumont, Liberty’s Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, construction crews and Sodexo employees worked around the clock and through the weekend to make sure the food court was moved and opened in a timely manner. The Chancellor greatly appreciated the hard work of all individuals involved in this project and personally thanked the Liberty employees involved. Gift cards were given out to them as a small thank you for a job well done.


Employee Appreciation Football Game

In the spirit of the university's “You Matter” initiative, we wanted to show in a small way, our appreciation to all Liberty University faculty and staff.

Employee Appreciation Day was sponsored by Liberty’s Human Resources and Athletic Departments. Free tickets were provided for all Liberty faculty and staff for a home football game against Kentucky Wesleyan University on Oct. 1. Up to four complimentary $5 concession vouchers were provided as well. 
Staff, faculty and their families cheered as the Flames beat Kentucky Wesleyan 57-0. After the event Laura Wallace, the Vice President of Human Resources, stated “This year’s Employee Appreciation Day highlighted the wonderful employees we have here at Liberty University. This game is a small way in which we can say thank you to all the employees and their families that make this institution successful.” 

October Employees of the Month

Congratulations to Susan Barringer, Carrie Bell, Larry Burrell, Keyona Donigan, Steve Foster, Brett Hartley, Rebecca Mahle, Jeanne Monn, Jodi Murphy, Anita Satterlee, David Wheeler, Jackie Wilson, and Brian Yates, October’s Employees of the Month!

Liberty University believes that informal, department-level recognition is an important aspect of acknowledging the individual accomplishments and contributions of staff and faculty members. Personal acknowledgments can take many forms such as notes, cards, email, formal memorandums and certificates of appreciation.
Susan Barringer, Carrie Bell, Larry Burrell, Keyona Donigan, Steve Foster, Brett Hartley, Rebecca Mahle, Jeanne Monn, Jodi Murphy, Anita Satterlee, David Wheeler, Jackie Wilson, and Brian Yates, thank you for the excellent service you provide here at Liberty University.

You Matter


Liberty University held a special staff and faculty Convocation and appreciation reception in August, honoring employees with a bonus and kicking off an initiative to thank and encourage all workers to continue to play an important role in Liberty’s mission to Train Champions for Christ

When students, parents or any potential customer visits campus, we have the great privilege to serve them. As a faculty or staff member, you are the face of the university that the community sees every day. You can also be a positive influence to your co-workers in your office or department at Liberty. “Your job doesn’t change lives. You do.”

Campus Updates

What has previously been referred to as “North Campus” is now officially “Green Hall,” named after the Green family who originally owned the building and donated it to Liberty University for $1 per year. All materials (printed brochures, webpages, etc.) using “North Campus” verbiage should be updated to reflect this change. The official name of Green Hall will be the Marie F. Green Hall. 

“North Campus” was actually the name of an old property that Liberty used to own and operate in the 1980s. It is our hope that the former Main and North campuses will now collectively be referred to as the Liberty Campus.

IP Phone and Computer Backgrounds

New IP phone and computer backgrounds have been created and are available here

These new resources have been created to serve as a reminder of the new “my privilege” initiative, in accordance with the “You Matter” campaign. 


Remembering Liberty's History: The Story of Liberty Mountain

As part of correctly portraying Liberty University's total brand to the public and all audiences it is crucial for employees to know the history of Liberty. We want to encourage your department to remember Liberty's humble beginnings and take the time to remind veteran and new employees alike from where we have come.

We want to remember our history while looking to the future! Following are some recent events at Liberty that are history in the making. 
  • Ministries across campus are working together to accommodate growth
  • The front-runner for the GOP nomination for president, Texas Governor Rick Perry, visited and gave an address to students and faculty at Convocation this fall. 
  • Liberty moved one step closer to establishing its own medical school
  • Liberty University and the city of Lynchburg witnessed a historic event in September with the installation of the 104-foot-long pedestrian bridge over Wards Road. 


We Want to Hear From You

We want to hear from your department! Do you have stories of people in your department living out the “You Matter” initiative? Let us know if you hear employees using the phrase “my privilege,” or see positive student interactions, or hear stories of employees positively impacting students. We want to say thank you!

Your story may be featured in this newsletter. Email us at youmatter@liberty.edu