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Gabrielle Bateman

Dept: Student Financial Services
Title: Compliance Analyst I

Gabbi Bateman has been a member of the executive liaison team in Student Financial Services since 2018. In less than a year, Gabbi has excelled in researching and responding to student concerns and appeals with her fantastic attention to detail and great writing skills. She is professional, reliable, and trustworthy, and she takes on new tasks with ease. Her upbeat attitude is contagious, and she is an integral part of the executive liaison team. We appreciate you, Gabbi!

Ronald Camden

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Bus Operator

Ronald Camden has been with Liberty University for the past three years. He is a dedicated employee who drives the 70 Express Route on campus. He also helps drive both the football trailer and the band trailer for games. When called upon to carry out a task, he is always willing to make adjustments to accommodate what needs to get done. He loves to fellowship with his co-workers and the students. Ronald enjoys spending time with his family. He has one son, three daughters, and one grandson. Thank you, Ronald, for your dedication and willingness to help. You are appreciated!

Wanda Gilmartin

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodian

Wanda Gilmartin has worked for the custodial department for over 8 years in the LaHaye Student Center. She has proven herself a dependable worker who goes above and beyond to accomplish her tasks. She has a positive attitude toward everyone she meets. Wanda is a devoted Christian with strong character and values that reflect a lifestyle of Christian service. Wanda is a true blessing to all who know her. She recently welcomed a new daughter-in-law and grandchild this year. Thank you, Wanda, for being a shining example of working for the Lord and for all you do for us here at Liberty. Congratulations and thank you for your service!

Donald Hawkins

Dept: Spiritual Development
Title: Study Abroad Coordinator

In the year that he has been part of the LU Send team, Donald Hawkins has sought to serve others first in everything that he does. Over this past semester, he has taken time to revamp the university’s study abroad process for students. Donald meets with multiple students a week to discuss next steps for study abroad possibilities. These meetings move students from “a dream of studying abroad” to “the reality of studying abroad” because of Donald’s care and attention. Not a morning goes by where Donald doesn’t take the time to check in with his co-workers or student assistants, as well. Donald is a key piece to LU Send, and it is a joy to serve with him. Congratulations, Donald!

Wendell Hensley

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Plumbing Tech

Wendell Hensley has been working at Liberty for over 10 years. He is an asset to the plumbing department. Wendell has a great attitude, and he is a conscientious worker who can be counted on to give his best to each assigned task. He has been married for 46 years, and they have one son. In his free time, he enjoys camping and fishing. Thanks for all your hard work, Wendell! We appreciate all you do. Congratulations!

Donna Hodgert

Dept: Campus Recreation
Title: Associate Director of Aquatics

Donna Hodgert joined the Liberty team this year as an associate director of aquatics for Campus Recreation. She brings extensive aquatic experience and has been instrumental in ensuring the optimal functioning and operations of the campus pools, including Liberty Natatorium. Donna also leads an aquatics staff of 40-plus individuals, including an assistant director and several lifeguards. She is driven, hardworking, and committed to excellence. She does an excellent job developing her staff and maintains high-quality facilities. She is a valuable part of our team. Congratulations, Donna!

Courtney Huffman

Dept: Flames
Title: Associate Director for Academic Affairs

Courtney Huffman has worked as the assistant director of Academic Affairs for athletics since 2011. Huffman began working in the department as a tutor during her undergraduate years at Liberty. She rose to the position of administrative assistant in 2009 before being promoted to a full-time position as an academic coordinator in May 2010. Huffman currently helps monitor the academic progress of Liberty's football and men's basketball programs. She is certified by the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics and N4A, where she has been a co-presenter at N4A national conventions. Thank you for all you do!

Ryan Knowles

Dept: University Offices
Title: Senior IT Auditor

Ryan Knowles joined the internal audit team in November 2017. Since then, he has achieved his Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) designation and become an Internal Security Assessor (ISA). With a background in IT, Ryan has been heavily involved in auditing cyber security and IT best practices. Ryan has contributed to the creation of several policies, along with performing valuable assessments that have helped the university continue to deliver excellence. Congratulations, Ryan!

Jeremy McGinniss

Dept: Jerry Falwell Library
Title: Coordinator of Research and Instruction

Jeremy McGinniss is an asset to the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL) and the entire Liberty community in his role as coordinator of research and instruction. His passion for information literacy and effective pedagogy is evident in his research, leadership, and teaching. Jeremy led his department in implementing and overseeing a research support center, which answers thousands of research questions and provides research assistance every JFL operating hour. He enthusiastically advocates for the best possible JFL user experience and regularly examines processes for opportunities to improve. His friendly, approachable demeanor makes him a hit at the reference desk and a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Jeremy, for the excellent work you do.

Timothy Norton

Dept: IT Services
Title: Support Specialist

Timothy Norton has been with Helpdesk Campus Support for over five years. He has mastered two positions within IT Customer Support, and his technical capabilities have been an asset to the team. He is often available to offer input and direction for other technicians and utilizes knowledge from his previous Helpdesk Remote Support position to assist in his current role. Tim is able to complete difficult tasks quickly and with very little input or direction. We often see Tim step up in his role to help. Thank you for all you do, Tim.

Tim Pandorf

Dept: Registrar
Title: Director of Degree Audit

Timothy Pandorf has served as the director of Degree Audit for the past two years. During his tenure, he and his team have made great strides in improving the quality and functionality of the Degree Completion Plan Audit. Tim has a collaborative and supportive spirit, and he goes above and beyond to accommodate the requests of the departments that he serves. You can always count on Tim to lighten any stressful situation with a well-timed joke. He enjoys leading his team and takes pride in the work that they accomplish. Congratulations, Tim!

Tunya Pannell

Dept: College of Applied Studies and Academic Success
Title: Operations Coordinator

Tunya Pannell goes above and beyond in her meticulous planning and execution of events that foster cross-cultural awareness to the entire Liberty student body. Her tireless efforts on behalf of the International Student Center brings to life events such as World Wide Welcome, International Education Week, International Thanksgiving Dinner, and open houses for multiple cultures. We also appreciate her continuing care for our nearly 800 international undergraduate and graduate students. Thank you for all you do, Tunya!

Autum Phillips

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: IS Process Owner

Autum Phillips has worked in various roles over her eight years of service at Liberty. As an IS process owner, she has consistently demonstrated the rare combination of a subject matter expert in the process field and a patient and excellent teacher. Never hesitating to help with a question or a hands-on “how-to” session, she has been an invaluable resource to the entire IS team. Congratulations, Autum!

Aaron Sparkman

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Senior Associate Director

Aaron Sparkman is a senior associate director in the Office of Community Life. Aaron consistently brings a passion for whole student development, an attention to detail, and a commitment to serving Jesus every day when he comes to the office. He has an incredible work ethic and a high level of loyalty and dedication to whatever he is asked to do. He is a genuine servant leader who cares for the people who work around him. Aaron willingly pitches in to help wherever he can, offering guidance and a listening ear when students or staff need to talk. We appreciate you and your hard work, Aaron!

Estefania Whitesell

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: International Admissions Specialist

Estefania Whitesell has worked in the International Admissions office for over a year now and previously worked with our current international students. Originally from El Salvador, Steffy truly loves international students. It is great having Steffy in the international office as she is tri-lingual in Spanish, German, and English. She goes above and beyond to assist students in coming to Liberty and helping orient them to U.S. culture after they arrive. Social media is a great way to let prospective international students know about Liberty University, and Steffy is instrumental in making that happen. We love having you on our team, Steffy.

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