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Henry Barrera

Dept: Flames
Title: Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports

Henry Barrera joined the Liberty men's basketball program as its director of performance in June 2015 and was recently promoted to his current position as director of strength and conditioning for Olympic sports in July. Barrera comes to Liberty from Oregon, where he was a performance training specialist at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton. While at Nike, he was instrumental in designing training content for multiple projects, including Jordan Brand's Terminal 23 in New York and The Hangar in Los Angeles. He continues to consult with many training companies while serving as a valuable asset to Liberty and our team. Congratulations, Henry!

Ivie Brabham Lilly

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: Director

Ivie Lilly has been the director of the operations division of Analytics and Decision Support since 2015. In that time, she has overseen a successful reorganization of the ADS Operations teams to streamline reporting and daily support for the operational business units of the university. She has also helped drive initiatives to increase efficiency, work accountability, and timely customer communication across all three ADS divisions. She goes out of her way to develop strong relationships with her employees and foster their professional development. She is a person who leads from the front and seeks to promote her employees more than herself. Thank you for all that you do, Ivie.

Leah Day

Dept: School of Education
Title: Academic Projects Coordinator

Leah Day is an instrumental part of the School of Education’s academic operations. She has a rare ability to process large volumes of information with precise attention to detail and is able to contribute to a myriad of academic initiatives with excellence and accuracy. Her skill in processing, assimilating, and synthesizing information is uncommon. She has been heavily relied upon through periods of rapid growth and curricular development. Her work ethic and positive attitude are exemplary, driven by a firm commitment to the university’s goals and her relationship with Christ. Congratulations, Leah!

Rick Edwards

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Bus Driver for Transit

Rick Edwards recently began his sixth year of service at LU Transit Services. Rick is one of our most loved drivers. The students know him by name, and he also knows them by name. His positive attitude and love for our students is evident in his personal statement: “The joy of this job is being with the students each day. They are such an encouragement to my heart. What an honor to serve the Lord here at LU.” Rick began his social media ministry several years ago to encourage students and allow his positive influence to extend outside of the bus ride. He has been married to his wife Karen for 37 years, and they have four children and five grandchildren, with whom he cherishes spending time. Rick is an inspiration to all. Congratulations!

Karch Frankenfield

Dept: IT Services
Title: Solution Architect

Karch Frankenfield joined the Cyber Security and Information Assurance team two years ago. From the start, Karch brought a level of technical capability that has been sought out across Information Services. He is always ready to jump into a problem-solving opportunity and unselfishly makes himself available whenever he is needed. He also acts as the team lead for Cyber Security and mentors teammates and other members of Information Systems. Each year Karch participates in the annual Cyber Security camp hosted by the School of Business and Computer Science. His desire for knowledge is only surpassed by his desire to share that knowledge. His contribution to Information Services has been felt across the university.

Jonathan Hobbs

Dept: Registrar
Title: Transcript & Verification Specialist

John Hobbs has worked for the Registrar’s office since 2015 and currently serves as a Transcript & Verification Specialist. John is a dedicated and reliable employee and always goes above and beyond to assist our students, as well as others in the office. Despite staying busy, John always maintains a positive attitude and is an encouragement to others on the team. We are thankful for him and appreciate all that he does for Liberty.

Wayne Hogan

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Painter

Wayne Hogan has been with the Liberty team for over eight years. He is an excellent worker who has proven to be dependable and get the job done. His easygoing nature makes him a favorite to be around. Wayne has been married to his wife Teresa for 35 years. They have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. He loves watching sports and spending time with his grandchildren. Liberty is blessed to have Wayne working here. Way to go, Wayne!

Jacob Johnston

Dept: School of Communication and Digital Content
Title: Media Lab Coordinator & Instructor

Jacob Johnston has served as supervisor of the Media Lab for the School of Communication & Digital Content for the past eight years. He is also a graduate of the School of Communication’s master’s program. Throughout his time at Liberty, Jacob has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge media tools and practices across the Digital Media and Journalism program, teaching video production skills, and developing a strong sense of community with the students in SCDC programs. He manages and trains a team of student workers who assist in the lab, and his dedication behind the scenes has developed an unparalleled comradery. His Christ-centered approach makes him an exemplary role model. Congratulations, Jacob!

Leah King

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: International Graduate Advisor

Leah King has worked in the International Graduate Admissions office for just over a year. She brought her excellent knowledge of admissions from the Undergraduate Admissions office and transitioned into the graduate position quickly. International graduate admissions numbers have increased greatly, and Leah has successfully trained a new staff member to assist with the increase in applications and phone calls. We have heard nothing but great comments from Leah's co-workers and students that she works with. We appreciate her attention to details and strong work ethic.

Sharon Kopis

Dept: School of Nursing
Title: Chair of Clinical Doctoral Programs, Professor

Dr. Sharon Kopis is a leader in the School of Nursing. She has taught across all nursing programs and provides a wealth of knowledge to both colleagues and students. She is currently the chair of our clinical doctoral programs, which has seen tremendous growth since 2014. She was instrumental in the creation and accreditation of the post-MSN DNP and post-BSN FNP/DNP programs. Under her leadership, three new programs will start in Fall 2018. Dr. Kopis is also an actively practicing family nurse practitioner. She is a role model for professional nursing behaviors, and she integrates her biblical worldview in the classroom and her practice. Dr. Kopis exemplifies the professional nursing educator and truly lives the School of Nursing virtues.

CHaz McPeake

Dept: Student Financial Services
Title: Training Specialist

Chaz McPeake has worked in training for more than three years with his primary responsibility being the creation of bi-weekly trainings for Student Financial Services. He consistently pushes himself to incorporate new techniques and styles to increase learning through the modules. This has resulted in fun and interactive trainings for the division. Chaz is also quick to jump in and help out wherever needed within the training team, whether assisting with new hire trainings, additional trainings, or brainstorming on how to improve training. He is highly creative and a wonderful asset to the training team!

Meredith Moran

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Graphic Designer

Meredith Moran has been with Marketing for over a year now and recently moved from the Special Projects team to the Resident Enrollment & Admissions team. She didn’t get a lot of transition time before immediately being thrown into some big projects, on which she did a fantastic job. She is flexible and handles rush projects and ever-changing design priorities with grace. She has been given a few challenges recently that she took as opportunities to grow, especially in her Photoshop skillset. We are so happy to have her on our team and look forward to the amazing things she has yet to do. Congratulations, Meredith!

Cheryl Nitz

Dept: School of Behavioral Sciences
Title: Chair of Social Work Field Education

Cheryl Nitz is the new chair of field education for the Department of Social Work. Cheryl joined the department last year and quickly demonstrated a commitment to quality Christian education. She loves the Lord and faithfully seeks to serve Him well. Cheryl loves to learn, listens intently, challenges others to grow, and models solid social work practice. She provides leadership and structure to the field program while understanding the nuances of individual situations. It is a blessing to have Cheryl Nitz fulfilling this critical role in the department.

Josh Owenby

Dept: LUO
Title: Corporate Education Specialist

Josh Owenby has been a Liberty employee for almost four years. As a phone agent, his friendly demeanor and kind spirit touched those he spoke with and positioned him as a perfect fit for the recruitment team. His transition into recruitment was quick and efficient as he was forced to hit the ground running. His responsibilities span our relationships with companies, tuition assistance firms, and students, each task done with precision and patience. Responsibility and diligence define Josh’s work ethic, and his attitude and enthusiasm enhance the workspace. The recruiting team is blessed to have Josh and are grateful for all the hard work he puts into each task.

Teresa Rackley

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodian

Teresa Rackley has served faithfully in the custodial department for over 12 years. Stationed in the DeMoss Hall nursing department, she is dedicated in ensuring that her assigned areas are consistently well cleaned. Teresa is caring and sensitive to the needs of her co-workers and the people she comes in contact with in her daily routine. In her spare time, Teresa enjoys assembling jigsaw puzzles, spending time with her grandson, and actively serving in her church. She and her husband are blessed with three children and a grandson.

Kathryn Taylor

Dept: Financial Planning & Budgeting
Title: Budget Analyst II

Kathryn Taylor has been with Liberty for four years, of which the last two have been as a Budget Analyst II with Financial Planning and Budgeting. She demonstrates excellence and a strong customer focus in everything she does. Kathryn is quick to take on new projects and works to improve systems, customer experience, the department, and herself. She is an invaluable team member. Thank you, Kathryn, for all you do!

Janice Vining

Dept: Spiritual Development
Title: LU Shepherd

Janice Vining first connected with Liberty when her son started as a student here several years ago. She knew when he came that this was a place she wanted to be — not because of him, but because of Liberty. She moved to Lynchburg with no promise of a position, but purely because of God’s direction. Janice has been a breath of fresh air since arriving at LU. Her heart for students is easy to see. A few months ago, several of her East Campus females were involved in the Big South Softball playoffs. Before anyone could ask or suggest, Janice was already way ahead making personal plans to go and support them. In her spare time, Janice loves spending time with her family, her photography, and enjoying LU athletics. Congratulations, Janice!

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