Top Employees of September 2017

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David Allison

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

David Allison has faithfully served the Liberty University community since April 2016 as a security services officer. He was recently selected to attend the police academy to continue serving as a police officer. David has served in the United States military for almost 12 years, including an overseas deployment. During the Virginia Gubernatorial debate hosted at Liberty University, he was recognized by the facilitators of the event for his professionalism, dedication, and friendliness to all. David always brings a positive attitude to his workplace, constantly trying to help in any way possible. He is a valuable employee and great asset to Liberty University.

Bryan Beman

Dept: IT Services
Title: Support Specialist III

Bryan Beman is Helpdesk Campus Support’s main printer technician. He oversees much of the deployment, installation, and maintenance of all university printers. Bryan’s greatest assets are his relationships with his customers and his servant attitude. This, combined with his knowledge of printers, is a great benefit to customer support. His work is excellent and feedback is always positive. Bryan’s work ethic, servant attitude, and knowledge are what make him such an asset to Liberty University.

Mackenzie Case

Dept: Office of the Provost
Title: Administrative Assistant

Mackenzie joined our department in the fall of 2016 as the administrative assistant. Though new to the position, she quickly grasped its many responsibilities. Mackenzie takes on any request with confidence and expertise, and her organizational skills and attention to detail are invaluable to our department. Her smiling face welcomes all who come through our doors, and she is always ready to help anyone needing assistance. Mackenzie is a valued member of our team!

Kati Charron

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Marketing Manager

Kati is a wonderful member of the Marketing department. Her dedication and positive attitude make her a great asset to Marketing and an encouragement to her team. Kati has applied herself thoroughly to every new role she has been given over the three years she has been in our office. She leads her team with discernment and grace, and she serves her clients with the utmost diligence. It is evident that Kati sees her job as an opportunity to serve others for God’s glory. She is more than deserving of recognition for all she does for both Marketing and the university!

Toby Davies

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Cabinet Shop Supervisor

Toby joined Liberty in 2009 as a summer worker, and in 2013, began working full-time for the school in the cabinet shop. He is a fast learner with a true passion for his work, and is now an assistant supervisor. Toby is married and the father of two little girls. When he’s not at work, he enjoys gardening. He gets along great with his coworkers and we are blessed to have him in our department. Congratulations, Toby!

Laura Frable

Dept: LUO
Title: Admissions Counselor

For more than twelve years, Laura Frable has diligently served Liberty University’s online students. Laura has a passion for helping students achieve their educational goals and fulfilling God’s calling in their lives. She is diligent in helping students find a degree program that best suites them and assists them with course selection, too. She demonstrates initiative and is focused on finding solutions for students’ needs. Laura leads her peers by example, demonstrating character, commitment, and integrity. We are thankful for her continued dedication and contributions to the university.

Jamie Holt

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodial Senior Supervisor for Academics

Jamie has been a part of the Liberty family for over 11 years and is a hard, conscientious worker. There is no one more sweet or more gracious than Jamie. She has two daughters and one grandson and spends most of her free time with her family or helping friends. Jamie is a genuine Christian woman. Thank you, Jamie, for all you do!

Christi Hurtak

Dept: Registrar
Title: Transfer Evaluator

Christi Hurtak has been an exceptional member of the Transfer Evaluations team for the past five years. During her time in the office, she has demonstrated a great appreciation for her job, a commitment to helping students, and a desire to serve the department in many capacities. Her positive demeanor and dedication to her work have made her a friend and mentor to many on our team. Christi consistently goes the extra mile for our team and we are blessed to have her. Congratulations, Christi!

Christiana LeoGrande

Dept: University Offices
Title: Senior Student Advocate

Christiana is the Student Advocate Office’s lone senior student advocate and she helps with both reporting and overseeing the office’s outbound team at the River Ridge Facility. She executes her duties with ease and excellence. Christiana is excellent at staying organized and keeps phone and chat systems running smoothly. She is very personable and cares deeply for the welfare of both students and her coworkers. She provides stability and steadiness in the office and Liberty University is blessed to have her as part of the team. Congratulations, Christiana!

Kevin Martin

Dept: Office of the Provost
Title: Associate Director of Training - Simulation

Kevin Martin provides dynamic leadership and management to ensure world-class flight simulation training for over 450 aviation students and 50 flight instructors. He and his team of simulator technicians inspect, maintain, repair, certify, and oversee the operation of 13 FAA-certified flight simulators on a daily basis. As a result of his direct oversight, the School of Aeronautics is able to provide over 4,700 hours of simulated flight training per month, making it one of the largest collegiate aviation training programs in the United States. Kevin’s commitment to providing an exceptional education directly contributed to Liberty University being awarded the Loening Trophy, the most prestigious collegiate aviation award in the country.

Pam McMurray

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Data Entry Specialist

Both of Pam’s children were alumni when she joined our staff in 2013, making her no stranger to the Liberty University campus. Pam’s dedication and strong work ethic, evidenced by her determination to complete her tasks diligently, enable her to serve the university, her coworkers, our customers, and our donors with a high level of proficiency. Her organizational skills and desire to learn have made Pam a valuable asset and a true blessing to the Data Entry/Donor Services Office. Congratulations, Pam!

Samantha Newton

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Operations Manager

Samantha has become an invaluable asset to the Center for Multicultural Enrichment with her constant attention to detail and true care for her co-workers. She is the epitome of a servant leader and seeks to make the center’s You Matter programming exceptional. Samantha does the work of three people, and excels in each role. As the budget coordinator, she has created internal processes that complement the university’s structure. As the facilities point person, she provides great customer service through 25Live for students, staff, and faculty with their room requests. As the front desk staff, she is the smiling face that will brighten anyone’s day. Samantha deserves this recognition for an outstanding work, day in and day out.

Claire Oliver

Dept: Student Financial Services
Title: Associate Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance

Claire has worked in Student Accounts for almost six years. If anyone has had the pleasure to work with Claire, they know she is exceptional at what she does and that she improves the performance of everyone around her. She has excelled in her current role as associate director of compliance and quality assurance, thanks to her leadership and critical thinking skills. Her knowledge of Student Accounts and how processes work in concordance with Banner is second to none. Claire is an extremely valuable employee not only to the Student Account’s Office, but to the university as a whole. Claire is well deserving of employee of the month and we all thank her for her dedication and hard work.

Valda Rowe

Dept: Office of the Provost
Title: Manager, Directed Programs, School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

When serving our students’ needs is our primary objective, Valda is our school’s mission control center. Every duty she has in our school can be directly traced to serving our students. Valda manages all student programs — internships, summer camps, competition teams, capstones, and directed research to name a few. She is a dynamo who also manages to mentor students, faculty, and staff. She is equally adept at serving a homesick student or advising a student project manager. When asked what keeps her going she said, “I always know that our students are on the receiving end of our efforts.”

Lincoln Sprague

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Construction & Renovation Tech

Lincoln has only been with Liberty for a year, but in that time, he has proven to be a valuable employee. He is a great worker, eager to learn and is full of energy that keeps his teammates motivated. Lincoln has been married for a little over a year and he and his wife are expecting their first child in September. He loves hiking, driving in the mountains, and working with the youth at his church. Congratulations, Lincoln! You deserve it.

Todd Wetmore

Dept: Liberty Flames
Title: Associate AD Communications

Todd provides strong leadership of the Athletics Communications area. He works closely with the media to build the Liberty Flames brand and share wonderful stories about our teams and student-athletes. His work is crucial to the success of Liberty Athletics’ marketing efforts. Congratulations, Todd!