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Ashley Coleman

Dept: Registrar
Title: Assistant Registrar for Academic Success

Quality, committed, reliable, efficient, team player — these are some of the words that come to mind when asked to describe Ashley Coleman. Ashley has done an outstanding job since taking on the position of assistant registrar in August 2017. Her training and experience in higher education have served her well at Liberty, and she approaches her position with skill and humility. While Ashley’s main focus is helping students as the Assistant Registrar for Academic Success, she often assists other divisions of the office anytime there is a need. She is a joy to work with and an asset to the Registrar’s Office. Congratulations, Ashley!

Rhonda Dickerson

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodian

Rhonda Dickerson has been a loyal employee of Liberty for over four years. She does a marvelous job and goes above and beyond to make sure her designated areas look great. No matter what is asked of her, she always wears a smile on her face. Her positive attitude can light up a room and lift the spirits of those around her. Rhonda is a devoted mother of two sons, a grandmother, and mother-in-law of a daughter who also works at LU. She also runs her own hair salon. She is a hard worker, and we are happy to have Rhonda as a part of our team. Congratulations on a job well done!

Vicki Firtion

Dept: School of Visual and Performing Arts
Title: Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Vicki Firtion is a capable administrator that exhibits grace in almost every interaction. She serves as the main administrator for any curricular, staffing, student management, commencement, and facilities issue for the School of Visual & Performing Arts. Her work is marked with an attention to detail and professionalism that serves as an example for all administrators at our school. It is widely acknowledged in our office and school that Vicki’s combination of great expertise and personal adherence to the greatest commandment positions her as our best-kept secret for success. Everyone at SVPA is thankful for her work, and we are glad to let the secret out!

Josh Gerstner

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: Business Data Analyst III

Josh Gerstner has an ability to work with customers from every business unit that ADS Operations supports. Our customers have said, “He deserves commendation, and we appreciate working with him so much.” He responds quickly to issues and is always willing to go the extra mile to solve an issue. Congratulations, Josh!

Jared Hornsby

Dept: School of Health Sciences
Title: Assistant Professor of Health Professions

Dr. Jared Hornsby has been an assistant professor in the Department of Health Professions for the past four years. He has developed several M.S. in Exercise Science program courses and established a line of research centered on the tactical athlete (i.e. military and police personnel). He has also worked with the LU Army ROTC program, the LU Tactical Marksmanship Program, and the LU Police Department. His research has resulted in several presentations and publications, including four reports to the Department of Defense. Dr. Hornsby has served as a mentor to both graduate and undergraduate students wishing to pursue research in the area of the tactical athlete. His contributions to the school are much appreciated and deserve recognition.

Chris Kidd

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Painter

Chris Kidd has been a part of the Liberty family for four years. He works in the paint department and loves his job. Chris has an awesome attitude, is a hard worker, and takes pride in everything he does. He is very proud of his cute 2½ year old daughter, Carmyn, who lights up his world. He enjoys riding motorcycles and working on cars in his spare time, as well as buying and selling vehicles for profit. Congratulations and thank you, Chris, for being an outstanding employee!

Doug Kruse

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: LFSN Lighting Director

Doug Kruse is the definition of a team player and a great asset to Broadcast Communications every day. He is willing and able to do anything and everything possible to serve this university. He works with GameON, live sports, School of Communication & Digital Content classes, live news interviews, and a variety of other studio and field productions. He jumps right in and is always willing to adjust his schedule at a minute’s notice. Doug is always smiling and working hard to help us all, whatever it takes. Congratulations, Doug!

Steve Lambert

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Emergency Preparedness Manager

Steve Lambert accepted the position of Emergency Preparedness Manager in January 2017, after a 30-year career with the Virginia State Police. Under his leadership and guidance, he and his staff are providing valuable information and hands-on training to the Liberty University family. We are thankful for Steve and the outstanding job he is doing to enhance our safety and improve our ability to mitigate or respond to an emergency event. Thank you for your hard work, Steve!

Elizabeth Maier

Dept: School of Education
Title: School of Education Receptionist

Elizabeth Maier has only been with the School of Education for a year but has already proven to bring valuable contributions to the department. As a recent Liberty graduate, she stepped into the School of Education Receptionist role and became proficient in all of the unique aspects of the teaching and licensure programs. She welcomes all who visit the school with a smile and warm demeanor. Elizabeth also became the creator of all social and visual media for the School of Education, adding a young and professional image to our communications. She is eager to take on more challenges. Her dedication to excellence and willing spirit are exemplary, and she is a joy to have on our School of Education team.

Dan Maxam

Dept: Flames
Title: Assistant Athletics Director - Facilities

Dan Maxam manages the upkeep, maintenance, and day-to-day requirements for all intercollegiate athletic facilities at Liberty. He and his staff manage each facility in order to provide an environment in which athletes, coaches, staff, and fans can have a positive experience. Maxam anticipates future needs and makes necessary improvements for all NCAA facilities. He supervises a facilities crew to aid in the setup, teardown, and supervision of athletic facilities for intercollegiate contests and practice activities. He has assisted in the coordination of new facility construction projects over the past five years, including Osborne Stadium, Williams Stadium expansion, Luurtsema Center, and Cook Tennis Center. We appreciate your dedication!

Amy Merrill

Dept: Spiritual Development
Title: Associate Director of Hospitality

Amy Merrill is the Associate Director of Hospitality in LU Stages and has been with the department since 2015. She continues to go the extra mile and come up with innovative ideas to enhance the guest experience for everyone who visits Liberty. Our Convocation guests and speakers regularly comment on how every aspect of hospitality was intentional, well thought out, and went above and beyond their greatest expectations — and much of this can be attributed to Amy. Her cheerfulness and hard work are invaluable, and we are so grateful for Amy’s contribution to our team!

John Nelson

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Renovation & Construction

John Nelson and his family moved to Lynchburg last March so that he could start working at Liberty. This past year, John has shown us his many years of experience and talent with construction building. He is able to take a project to completion and provide a great response from the customer. He works well with his co-workers in Facilities Management Renovation and Construction. His diligence and hard work has led him to be one of the Project Site Leads that oversees projects for our department. John and his wife Karen have five children, including twins who are students at Liberty. In his off time, he enjoys spending time with family, playing golf, and traveling. Congratulations, John, on a job well done!

Danielle Ott

Dept: Military Affairs
Title: Senior Supervisor - Military Accounts Receivable

In the almost-five years that she has been working for Liberty, Danielle Ott has repeatedly shown herself as an employee of amazing character, attitude, and aptitude. As a senior supervisor, she leads her team and the office in the intricate handling of incoming payments and reconciliations regarding military accounts. She collaborates with outside offices to ensure Military Affairs is operating at its best, while proactively being a support to other offices as well. Furthermore, she is extremely competent in her understanding of policies and procedures, ensuring that we remain compliant in our handling of student accounts. Danielle is an absolute blessing to work with and inspires the very best out of everyone she interacts with each day.

Leiren Potter

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Administrative Assistant

Leiren Potter has worked as a part of the Office of Residence Life (ORL) for the past three years. In that time, she has met every expectation with excitement and excellence and has become a vital member of the Residence Life team. Her adaptability has been invaluable. She consistently displays a willingness to tackle any task to ensure that the mission of ORL and Liberty University are fulfilled. Leiren is a valuable member of the team, and we are grateful for her!

Stephanie Sands

Dept: College of General Studies
Title: Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Since joining the College of General Studies (CGS) in September 2017, Stephanie Sands has become an invaluable member of the team. She provides outstanding support for the dean of CGS, consistently exceeding expectations. Her positive attitude and genuine concern for team members is a tremendous encouragement to all who come in contact with her. Steph’s attention to detail and excellent organizational and project management skills have been instrumental in helping CGS leadership complete a number of key projects. She is a blessing to all who know her. We appreciate her sweet, joyful spirit and are grateful to have her on the CGS team. Thank you, Steph!

Nathan Schafer

Dept: Cashiering & Treasury Services
Title: Revenue Analyst

Nathan Schafer has been with Cashiering & Treasury Services since October 2017, and his primary responsibility has been creating and implementing old and new TouchNet uStores, as well as department point of sale (POS) systems. Nate has shown great potential and initiative in completing this project. He has gone above and beyond what he has been tasked to do by “looking outside the box” for ways to improve his skills. He enjoys working with other departments on campus and becoming familiar with their needs and goals. He is always available when needed and works diligently to complete his tasks. In addition to his TouchNet responsibilities, he is tasked with daily reconciliations and provides backup coverage for other areas in our office.

Cameron Seavers

Dept: IT Services
Title: Support Specialist Manager

Working with Cameron Seavers has been an absolute pleasure. He is always prepared for meetings, has his information ready, and follows up with others, regardless of the level of priority. His manner and attention to both his customers and co-workers make them feel like they genuinely matter to him. We would like to recognize his efforts and show appreciation for both his professionalism and his kind and helpful personality, which is an asset not only for the IT Department but for Liberty University as a whole. Congratulations, Cameron!

Scott Wiebe

Dept: LUO
Title: Associate Director of Training and Quality Assurance

Scott Wiebe has served with Liberty for over nine years. As the Associate Director for Training and Quality Assurance, Scott’s role is integral to the success of the various teams within Liberty University Online Programs. His passion for people and his ability to lead and inspire others support this recognition. Scott’s work ethic is unparalleled. He truly demonstrates leading by example each day. He is dependable, enthusiastic to serve others, and creates a fun working environment, allowing his team to innovate in their own roles. He continues to effectively lead a Fall 2018 initiative, highlighting Liberty’s online program’s sales benefits, new programs and policies, and facilitating department huddles.

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