Top Employees of February 2017

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Kelli Brokaw

Dept: Academics
Title: Asst Director of Catalogue and Database Management

Kelli joined Institutional Effectiveness over two years ago and has been an essential contributor from the start. She began by working on the Academic Catalogs and immediately brought changes and improvements. Kelli’s keen eye and attention to detail were instrumental in enhancing the catalog, and she has contributed to other improvements in the office including webpage design and social media activities. Kelli brings both unique skills and valuable contributions to the IE office.

Dave Calland

Dept: Academics
Title: Associate Dean-School of Business

As this brief description of Dr. Dave Calland is being prepared, he is rushing off to cover the class of an injured co-worker. This type of selflessness is typical of the godly character and integrity that Dave shows on a daily basis. He exemplifies the fruits of the spirit in his interactions with students, co-workers, and the seemingly random amalgam of people who have the pleasure of spending time with him. He pushes his students and encourages them to “reach for the sky” and go beyond what they think possible. His humor and laughter are infectious and make working with him a joy! The School of Business is truly a better place with him in it.

Jess Clark

Dept: Registrar
Title: Academic Evaluator

Jess Clark is an experienced and valued member of our team. She displays expertise and efficiency while managing her own workload and often helps others with extra projects. Jess can be trusted with any kind of project. Additionally, Jess takes great care of students who are nearing graduation. With great customer service and thorough research, she is able to help a multitude of students achieve their goal of earning a degree!

Joel Coleman

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Managing Photographer

For nearly seven years, Joel Coleman has played an important role on the photo team within the Marketing department. He is an incredibly talented photographer and exhibits a Christ-like attitude in his interactions with both staff and the clients he serves. Joel has captured many historic and important events at Liberty and is truly a joy to work with. His team describes him as compassionate, confident, creative, energetic, selfless, and full of integrity — he leads by example, and we are incredibly thankful for his hard work and dedication to the university.

Shannon Farris

Dept: Academics
Title: Faculty Support Coordinator

Shannon is an integral part of the College of General Studies online team. Her work with the online budget, textbook management, direct-integration courses, late-add management, and overall faculty support are second to none. Shannon is a consummate team player who regularly seeks to find innovative solutions to academic and organizational problems. In addition, she provides impeccable support to online faculty and staff alike. CGS is blessed to have Shannon on the team, and we expect nothing but great things from her in the future.

Michelle Goodwin

Dept: Academics
Title: Sr. Assistant Dean, Teacher Education & Licensing

Dr. Goodwin is the senior assistant dean of Teacher Education/Licensure and a professor in the School of Education. Michelle has been a valuable and productive member of this team since 2001. Not only is Michelle a wonderful administrator and instructor, she is loved by both her students and local public schools that she has developed partnerships with. Michelle was one of the Illuminate Grant winners for an Urban Education initiative this year. The School of Education is blessed to have Michelle as part of the team.

Craig Hara

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Manager, IT Sales and Communications

Craig consistently seeks to improve the service provided by his area. He takes personal approach seriously and tailors communications to the user. He is responsive and relatable, creating a great face for Information Services.

Paula Denise Hendricks

Dept: Development
Title: Administrative Assistant

Although Paula Denise Hendricks, who prefers to go by "Denise," has only been in our department since May, she has quickly become essential to our day-to-day operations. She came to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience and has utilized those qualities to keep our department running smoothly. Denise greets everyone she comes in contact with a friendliness that immediately puts them at ease. She is eager to help in any way she can and has an excellent attitude and work ethic. We are thankful for Denise and the blessing that she is to our department.

Jose Hernandez

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Associate Director

Jose is an excellent person to work alongside. He sees the opportunities first in an ever-changing work environment. Jose perseveres on projects he believes will benefit students and produces excellent results. He cares deeply for the students in the LEAD Fellowship and ministers in a wide variety of ways through his daily interaction with others. Jose’s personal motto is a quote from St. Augustine: “Pray because everything depends on God; work because everything depends on you,” and his work reflects it.

Julia Higbee

Dept: Financial Aid
Title: Grants Processor II

Julia Higbee has been a part of the Financial Aid office for over three years now. In her time at Liberty University, she has trained and excelled in all areas of her team. Her gift of learning, teaching, and accuracy has made her a great asset. She is always friendly and helpful to students, co-workers, and outside companies. Her attention to detail and creativity has helped advance our procedures to serve our students faster and with more accuracy. Thank you Julia, for all your hard work!

LeAnn Hinton

Dept: Academics
Title: Administrative Assistant

LeAnn is the sunshine of the School of Aeronautics! Overflowing with God’s love for others and abounding with joy, LeAnn enthusiastically accomplishes her many duties as administrative assistant to keep the SOA functioning smoothly and efficiently. In addition to being a truly outstanding employee, LeAnn faithfully serves as a stand-in Mom to hundreds of students every semester by always taking the time to listen, love, encourage, help, and provide a warm hug whenever it is needed. The parents of our students take great comfort in knowing that their children are under the loving care of such a godly servant. If you want your day brightened, visit the SOA and thank LeAnn for making the LU experience so special. We love you, LeAnn.

Kameona Hokoana

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst I

Bubba's consistency and reliability in attendance, work ethic, and accuracy has been a major asset to the ADS LUO team. He routinely handles a large volume of daily LUO marketing tasks and always pitches in to help improve the process. Bubba has also been taking on greater responsibility, handling higher profile requests with professionalism and tact. Bubba helps ensure that the many requests from LUO are completed on time. He is truly an asset to the university!

Jesse Miller

Dept: Academics
Title: Faculty Support Coordinator

Creating top-notch videos and other media work for the School of Divinity is no easy task, but Jesse has completely revitalized the image and quality of work for our school. He has a creative eye for making the mundane an impressive work of art. He produces weekly announcement videos, films promotional pieces, and manages the divinity website. Jesse is always engaging, upbeat, and extremely affirming of others’ ideas, and his calm demeanor has solved many a technology crisis! He loves the outdoors, art, photography, and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Music Education. Jesse is an invaluable member of the School of Divinity, and we couldn’t be more fortunate to benefit from his skilled expertise.

Pam Miller

Dept: Academics
Title: Assistant Professor for Digital Media

Pam Miller wears more hats than most. Carrying an overload of courses, this popular digital media professor leads curricular development for her department, produces the school’s alternate Convocations, sits on the Dean’s Creative Council, consults on the creation of new TV studios in Green Hall, and guides media students’ professional opportunities. Her deep care has endeared her to students and colleagues alike. She is one of SCCA’s MVPs!

Reuben Obadiah

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Assistant Cubicle System Supervisor

Reuben has been with Liberty almost 10 years. He is a quiet, efficient worker and we appreciate his pleasant, friendly personality. He is willing to do whatever is asked of him and does it with a great attitude. Reuben is married with three children, and his oldest daughter is a student worker here. He is active in his church and is known by others to be a true Christian man. Reuben, we are grateful for all you do. Congratulations!

Gregory O'Berry

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

Officer O’Berry has been one of the most productive officers in the department. He is dedicated and loyal to his duties as a law enforcement officer and has been recognized on numerous occasions for his outstanding work ethic. He has specialized training in Crash Investigation and has used that training while working several crashes on campus. Recently, Officer O’Berry assisted local authorities in identifying an individual that posted information on social media about the Trump Inauguration. Officer O’Berry was able to use social media to identify the individual and assisted Federal authorities with apprehension and arrest of the individual.

Bryan Thompson

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: HVAC Lead

We would like to congratulate Bryan on this honor. He is a hard-working, responsive employee and will take on whatever responsibility he’s given. Bryan originally came to Liberty from California to continue his education and has been with the university for over five years. He currently has a degree in criminal justice. Bryan has been married for two years to his wife Amy and enjoys movies and wood working in his free time. Great job, Bryan!

Candice Thornton

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: AP Supervisor

Candice Thornton has been with the Accounts Payable department since 2012. She started as an AP processor, moved into an AP analyst role and has recently been promoted to accounts payable supervisor. Candice displays an excellent ability to prioritize and manage a diverse and dynamic workload. She is able to accommodate emergent requirements while ensuring more routine tasks are accomplished correctly and on time. She displays an engaging, friendly demeanor and works with others in a consistently tactful and courteous manner. We are so thankful to have Candice as part of our team and value her contributions to both the department and the university.