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Bonnie Creef

Dept: Helms School of Government
Title: Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean

Bonnie Creef demonstrates impeccable skill and boundless grace as she manages the administrative and operational functions of the Helms School of Government. She has been instrumental in facilitating a smooth transition during leadership changes this summer, and she consistently responds to the requests of faculty, staff, and students with the utmost professionalism and a positive attitude. She ensures visitors are well received and cared for, and the experiences she creates for them brings great credit to our school and Liberty University. Bonnie’s full engagement in all facets of the Helms School of Government’s operations makes her an invaluable team member. Congratulations, Bonnie!

Angel Dickerson

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodial Team Leader

Angel Dickerson has been part of the custodial team for over two years. She started in Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC) and recently earned a promotion to lead the custodial team at Liberty Christian Academy (LCA). She is a hard-working and responsible employee who is well liked and respected. The TRBC and LCA communities are comfortable approaching her and value her input. She is dedicated and determined in all things, showing God’s love to co-workers, friends, and family. She has been married for over a year and is working toward a degree in graphic design. Thank you, Angel, for all your hard work!

Kornel Gerstner

Dept: School of Communication and Digital Content
Title: Associate Professor of Digital Media and Journalism

Professor Kornel Gerstner tirelessly teaches a wide variety of audio storytelling skills through a heavy load of classes. Each semester, he juggles over 100 students with no help from GSAs or other assistants. He makes each session a rich educational experience and painstakingly meets with each of his students to ensure they are grasping both technical and aesthetic qualities. He is always the student's advocate, never complains, and goes the extra mile for students and peers. He is the model of Christ in the classroom. On top of all this, Kornel has been working launch a summer camp. Despite the load, he never misses a beat or is too busy to take time for those around him. Your work is much appreciated, Kornel!

Julie Glover

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Project Accounting Coordinator II

Julie has been working diligently on helping get our department more streamlined and efficient. She has also helped me specifically close projects in the last 2 months that returned over $4 million back to the university general fund. This is part of our on-going project closure task goal of over $10 million. She has become an integral part of my department and my "right hand" in all financial matters.

Valerie Hancock

Dept: IT Operations
Title: Program Manager

Valerie Hancock has been a consistent pillar of support and care to our team and System Operations. Thorough in accomplishing her work, Valerie has taken on an array of duties and challenges. She continues to navigate difficult scenarios and decisions with tact, understanding, and a positive attitude. Her attention to detail results in effective and informative communication that keeps us on the same page and moving forward. Valerie leads by example at work and in her personal life, and she lifts people up by doing so. She always has the time to listen and give an encouraging word. Congratulations, Valerie!

Amy Manuel

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Staff Accountant

Amy Manuel has been with the accounting department for over four years. She is a shining example of God’s grace through adversity. Amy works hard, and she is dependable and steadfast. Her primary functions relate to payroll entries, prepaid, and deposits. Her experience and attention to detail is greatly appreciated with our newly implemented 7-day close. You can count on her to find a way to get it all done. Thank you, Amy!

Daniel Notarbartolo

Dept: School of Aeronautics
Title: Assistant Flight Scheduler

Dan Notarbartolo is an invaluable member of the LUSOA Flight Operations team. He maintains high standards in his work and customer care, and he always goes beyond what is asked of him. This semester, he helped create a flight scheduling system that supports hundreds of aeronautics students, 27 aircraft, and our dedicated flight instructors. Flight training slots fill quickly, and Dan manages to find availability for students who need training time to meet their flight course goals. Following the recent hurricane and several days of no flying, Dan reviewed students’ progress to help them get the training they needed. His positive attitude and kind spirit are contagious. Your students and co-workers all appreciate you, Dan!

Tarik Oruc

Dept: LUO
Title: New Enrollment Specialist

Tarik Oruc is from Long Island, New York, and he has three sisters that he loves very much. He is close to completing a Master of Science in Marketing degree, and he looks forward to working in brand manage-ment. Tarik enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and her two dogs. He also enjoys the outdoors and long walks. Watching sports is one of his favorite pastimes, especially when it includes basketball and football. Tarik has an excellent call quality and high productivity for the New Enrollment Specialist team. Through his great interactions, Tarik seeks to guide students through enrollment to reach their goals. Thank you, Tarik, for assisting our students!

Dan Ott

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Promotional Writer/Project Coordinator

Dan Ott is the epitome of a team player. He wears many hats as both a promotional writer and project coordinator in the marketing department, and he is a true asset to our office. A forward thinker, Dan always strategizes new ways for pieces to be efficient and effective. His passion for what he does reflects in his work. This behavior is also noticed outside the office, as a client recently shared, “Dan does a great job keeping us in the loop on our projects!” We are thankful to have him as part of our team. Congratulations, Dan!

Betty Pittman

Dept: Registrar
Title: Records Room Clerk

Betty Pittman has worked for the Thomas Road Baptist Church ministry and Liberty University for a combined 42 years. She began working in the registrar’s office in 2000 in our file room, and she has been a valued member of our team since then. Betty has served consistently through the years maintaining our files and recently serving in the Law School, where she is appreciated by both staff and students. Dedicated to helping in any way she can, Betty provides a personal and kind service to the students in the law school. Thank you for all of your hard work, Betty!

Katherine Rippy

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Event Coordinator

Kat Rippy has demonstrated excellence in her role as an event coordinator with the on-campus recruitment team. She is dedicated and diligent, working to make each event a successful and rewarding experience for prospective students. Kat oversees the ExperienceLU event hosted during the fall, spring, and summer semesters, with the intent of every student joining the Liberty student body. She has shown continued growth and creativity in her role, all while demonstrating flexibility as she navigates the challenges of event planning. During her free time, Kat enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs, Boaz and Bentley. We are thankful to have Kat as part of our team. Congrats, Kat!

Joyce Roberts

Dept: School of Engineering
Title: Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Joyce Roberts has been at the head of the School of Engineering’s administrative team for many years. She brings an unparalleled level of professionalism to this position. In the middle of extreme staff turnovers, Joyce had to step in to handle multiple functions outside her day-to-day duties. She stays on top of the dean’s schedule, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. In service to our team, Joyce often brings in baked goods to share with the entire faculty and staff. She organizes our social event and arranges catering for clubs and camps. Joyce is a rare professional with a true servant’s heart. Congratulations, Joyce!

Sean Sealy

Dept: Campus Recreation
Title: Associate Director- Recreations Centers

As an associate director for Recreation Centers, Sean Sealy oversees the facility maintenance needs for the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, the Montview Bowling Alley and Game Room, and David's Place. He leads his team of employees with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. A natural leader with a keen eye for detail, Sean is a valuable member of the Recreation Centers team. Through rigorous periods of department growth, he continues to excel and rise to meet each challenge. Congratulations, Sean!

Daniel Solorzano

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Energy Management Technician

Daniel Solorzano has been working as an energy management technician for four years. He installs programs and troubleshoots controller units in his department. His positive attitude, dependability, easygoing personality, and strong work ethic make him a real joy to work with. Originally from Guatemala, Daniel met Melissa, his wife of 13 years, when she was on a Hope of Life mission’s trip there. They have a nine-year-old son named Lucas who plays baseball. Daniel loves playing soccer and going to parks with his family. He is grateful to be a part of the Liberty family and enjoys his job and co-workers very much. Thank you for being an outstanding employee, Daniel!

Ben Terry

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Assistant Director of Assignments

Ben Terry has worked in the Office of Residence Life for over four years. He is professional in every interaction and provides exceptional customer service to students, parents, faculty, and staff. Ben is always on the lookout for ways we can streamline processes and communication. He is instrumental in many areas of our office, including College For A Weekend. Ben is a great member of the team, and we are fortunate to have him.

Jay Thomas

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Sergeant

Sergeant Jay Thomas has served with the Liberty University Police Department since January 2013 and brings a wealth of experience from the United States Air Force and Lynchburg Police Department. Sgt. Thomas is in charge of a patrol squad and uses his experience to assist officers, Liberty staff, and students on a daily basis. Recently, he assisted Residence Life staff with two difficult situations and was able to help the students get the assistance they needed. We are proud to have Sgt. Thomas on our team.

April Tolley

Dept: Development
Title: Senior Workflow Manager

April Tolley is an invaluable asset to the Office of Development. During her more than 12 years working at Liberty University, April has continually advanced in her job responsibilities, excelling at every task and going above and beyond all expectations. She looks for ways to improve procedures and make processes more efficient and effective. Admired for her calm demeanor, wisdom, expertise, and professionalism, April has earned the respect of her co-workers. She interacts with numerous departments throughout Liberty and receives high accolades for her assistance and support. A wonderful representative of the university, April also serves as a liaison to alumni and friends of Liberty. Congratulations, April!

Ciara Volkov

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Ciara Volkov is on the Analytics and Decision Support student life team and does an excellent job assisting her customers. Ciara is always willing to help out and take on additional responsibility. Recently, she has been instrumental in helping set up a process for College For A Weekend students to get badge access and assigning another ADS team to create an application for the LU Shepard’s office. Ciara always has a positive attitude, and her customers enjoy working with her. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Ciara!

Keith Waller

Dept: Access Control
Title: Locksmith Technician

Keith Waller started at Liberty University in Facilities in February 2011 and has been in Access Control since August 2016. Keith is a locksmith technician and has proven himself invaluable to our team. He is always on the go checking on key issues throughout campus and off-campus facilities. Keith also cuts keys and pins cores when they are needed. A great communicator, Keith is very detailed and organized. Wherever he goes on campus, he always greets people with “Hey, how are you doing?” and a smile. He always wants to learn new tasks and is willing to help out wherever and whenever he is needed. Keith is a true servant, and we are glad to have him on our team. Congratulations, Keith!

Dan Wolf

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Supervisor for Golf Practice Facilities

Dan Wolf has been a dedicated employee at Liberty University for five years. He is the supervisor for the Golf Practice Facilities in the grounds department. Dan is a dedicated, hardworking, and dependable employee. His knowledge about golf course maintenance helps him to keep the facilities in top notch condition. Dan has excellent rapport with the coaches and student-athletes. In his spare time, Dan enjoys rooting for the Orioles and Ravens. Congratulations, Dan, for being an outstanding employee! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

Jessica Workman

Dept: Military Affairs
Title: Compliance Analyst II

Jessica Workman has been a valued team member in the Office of Military Affairs since 2008. During this time, she has served in many different roles and has been vital to the growth of our office. She currently serves in a quality assurance position and is highly skilled in this area. She is a great support to the staff and management team as she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She is a hard worker and ensures that every process or item she works on has a top-notch quality. She has a great skill set for communication and vocalizes ideas and recommendations with ease. We greatly appreciate you, Jessica, for all the time and dedication you have given our office.

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