Top Employees of March 2017

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Cole Bender

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Cole has consistently worked hard on the ADS Ops Reporting team. When you give him a task, you know you can expect him to not only complete it, but to put in a high level of effort, detail, and visualizations that are easy to follow and understand. Cole pays attention to detail and is not afraid to ask questions to make sure he is providing his best work to meet the needs of the business unit as adequately as possible. Cole’s work on dashboards such as the Information Services (IS) Task Tracking Dashboard and Project Performance Dashboard has provided IS with a better way to evaluate our work as a department by providing tools, reports, etc. to other departments in Liberty. The effort he puts in does not go unnoticed.

Sam Bieri

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Project Manager

Sam Bieri has been with facilities projects for over three years. His background in general construction was a great asset to us and he is very committed to being professional and thorough. In his spare time Sam loves being with his two children, S.J. and Maggie. They like to go 4-wheeling and he just started taking his son hunting with him. We appreciate all of your hard work Sam! Congratulations on doing a great job!

Eugene Brown

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

Officer Eugene Brown has been with the Liberty University Police Department for just over two years after serving with the Virginia Capital Police. Brown is a diligent and productive officer within the department and has established many relationships with students while serving. His commitment and thoroughness on assigned cases display his dedication to serving the university. Due to Brown’s work ethic and relationship with the LU community, he was able to gather the information necessary to solve multiple cases of vandalism that occurred on campus. Brown’s diligence, communication, and professionalism serve as a great example for his fellow officers.

Kim Day

Dept: Academics
Title: Resource Sharing Librarian

Kim Day has been with Liberty University for over 25 years. She has witnessed the university’s growth and with that the growth in her own responsibilities. Currently, she leads Jerry Falwell Library’s (JFL) InterLibrary Loan (ILL) department, meeting student and faculty needs with thousands of requests for materials annually. Her drive for excellence is recognized by her peers, and JFL’s Resource Sharing Department is a leader among academic institutions in providing timely access to resources. In addition, even in the midst of her personal challenges, Kim has been a beacon of hope to many. Her kindness and gentleness in dealing with others always reflect the character of Christ. We are blessed and honored to have her as a part of JFL.

Raymond Fuentes

Dept: Registrar
Title: Quality Assurance Analyst

Ray has proven himself time and time again to be an innovative and valuable member of the LUO Transfer Team, whether he is managing the department inbox or evaluating graduate transcripts. Now as a Quality Assurance Analyst, he diligently works toward the continued improvement of the LUO TransferTeam, always willing to go above and beyond to improve service to our online and graduate student population. We appreciate you, Ray.

Debra Holmes

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Senior Supervisor

Debra has been with Liberty for over 12 years and is working in the facilities/custodial department and does a fantastic job. She has been a senior supervisor in Green Hall and DeMoss. She currently has many areas of responsibility with the satellite crew, which includes working on the off-campus properties. She cares very much for her clients as well as her staff. Debra enjoys cooking, traveling, and camping. Thank you Debra for all your hard work!

Jordan Johnson

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Associate Director

Jordan is a highly valued member of ID & Campus Services. Her dedication, enthusiasm, attention to detail, organizational acumen, management expertise, and accommodating spirit are always conveyed through her professional and Christ-like attitude. She is the “go to/can do” staff member who can be relied upon no matter what situation or challenge arises. Jordan is deeply loved and appreciated by our entire team, a blessing to work with, and an asset to the university.

Sarah Morris

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Director of Academic Advancement

Sarah Morris, Director of Academic Advancement, has played an integral role in establishing a thriving academic program within the Club Sports Department. In just one and a half years she has instituted program offerings such as daily study hall, mentoring, tutoring, attendance monitoring, as well as additional academic tracking services for Club Sport student athletes and coaches. She’s passionate and driven and wants to see each student succeed both in the classroom and in their sport. Sarah also has demonstrated great communication with the Club Sport coaches, reaching out to them on a regular basis with information about their athletes. Someone asked her recently what her favorite part of her job was and she answered, “the students.”

Norman Naylor

Dept: IT Services
Title: Project Manager III

Norman brings a level of excellence to the project manager position that is exceedingly rare. His consistent focus and organization of complex problems helps guide any team he is working with to a successful outcome. He handles some of the largest projects that system operations completes and always does so with an attitude of humility that is evident to both team members and customers.

Joanne Nissly

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Junior Supervisor

Joanne is one of our wonderful workers. She is kind to people she works with and is very humble. She’s very close to her family of six children and two sisters that she loves spending time with. She loves to cook and makes chocolate snacks for her friends during Christmas. She and her family keep their neighborhood clean by picking up trash and praying for those that live there. Joanne’s relationship with God with is evident as her actions and life reflect her love for Christ. Joanne, thank you for being a part of the Liberty family these last 11 years; we are blessed to have you. Congratulations!

Ethan Swank

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Assistant Director of Special Projects and Events

Ethan Swank started his career here at Liberty University as a student worker and remained after graduation to become an integral part of the special projects and events team where he now serves as an assistant director. Over the past five years, Ethan has grown tremendously, not only in maturity but also confidence, flexibility, and has outstanding organizational ability. Ethan’s commitment to the university and his co-workers, his fair and consistent behavior in all matters, and his attitude of going above and beyond to ensure a world class student experience make him an excellent leader and valued member of our team.

Megan White

Dept: LUO
Title: Senior Admissions Counselor

For more than three years, Megan White has diligently served LUO students. She is a gifted communicator and excels in providing students with an excellent admission experience. Megan is diligent in seeing tasks through to completion and demonstrates initiative. She leads by example, demonstrating character and integrity. Megan can be described as diligent, confident, selfless, and compassionate. Megan is always willing to go the extra mile for the team and for students. We are thankful for her continued dedication and ongoing contributions to the university.

Chris Wygal

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Engineer/Board Operator

For nearly 15 years, Chris Wygal has fulfilled a critical role for Liberty University’s radio ministry, not only during the years when it was Victory FM as a teaching and talk format, but also since December 2014, when WRVL debuted the current Journey format. Chris functions as Journey Operations Engineer/Operations Manager. Chris’ talents include a wide array of artistic and technical skills that help keep the Journey radio network going strong. Chris also helps with graphic and web design for Chris’ unique sense of humor and quick wit make him an integral part of our team dynamic. We are grateful for Chris’ consistent, long-term commitment to the success of The Journey and Liberty’s world-changing mission.