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Lori Baker

Dept: Registrar
Title: Project Manager

Lori Baker epitomizes the heart and spirit of every staff member within the Registrar's Office and Student Service Center. She comes to work every day with a passion to help and support everyone with a need. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she quietly gives 110% every day while supporting staff, faculty and students; always with no fanfare. She is a problem solver who finds ways to fix things and improve processes. Lori is constantly sought out for her advice. She works long and hard and always finds ways to give others the credit. We are all proud to work next to Lori.

Everett Foutz

Dept: Development
Title: Planned Giving Officer

Everett has a great relationship with all his donors. He is an ideal Planned Giving Officer, not only in his relationship building but also in his production. He has a great attitude and loves Liberty University.

Karl Freshwater

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: New Construction Project Manager

Being Project Manager for a new construction project is a very demanding job at this very fast moving university. Karl is always willing to give it his all. He will work as hard and as long as needed to see that the project is delivered on time and with high quality, at a very reasonable cost.

Sam Haynes

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Assistant Director of Admissions

Sam is a one-of-a-kind Assistant Director. Sam is always willing to stay late and come in early to get the job done, without being asked. Many times, Sam has come in during the evening when he realized the phone queue was high and has also come in during the morning to help his team out. Sam is a selfless person and is always more concerned with the people around him than himself. Sam has been a spiritual leader and a very Godly individual on the call center floor.

Danny Lamonte

Title: Associate Director of Student Leadership

Danny has been with Liberty for over 11 years. He has served as Prayer Leader, Spiritual Life Director, Resident Assistant, Resident Director, and now Associate Director working with RDs and RAs. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 2004, and MBA in 2008. He is married to his lovely wife Lynne and together they have three beautiful children. He has a passion for the families of tomorrow through discipiling young men and women for God. He loves to watch & play sports, the outdoors, history, and reading. He has has a tremendous impact on staff, peers and students alike!

Tom Nylander

Dept: Faith & Service
Title: Director, Light Ministries

Tom Nylander has served at Liberty for 17 years and continues to fulfill his responsibilities with an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism. He demonstrated this again this month by effectively facilitating and managing all the details for a last minute move of 17 full-time personnel into the new Center for Global Engagement offices. All of this he did right in the middle of one of the busiest and most strenuous times of the year for our missions department (which is engaged in planning all the details for dozens of missions trip and outreaches Liberty will be engaged in this year).

Maureen Robinson

Dept: Human Resources
Title: Payroll Analyst

Maureen is the Human Resources employee of the month. Maureen Robinson is currently a Payroll Analyst and has been working for over 30 years in payroll. She started her employment with the Old Time Gospel Hour and transferred to Liberty University in 1997. Congratulations to Maureen!

Betty Saunders

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Director of Housing

Betty is one of the most positive "can-do" folks you will ever meet. Her ability to organize and inspire her team to accomplish big things is amazing. She takes very large tasks, breaks them down into manageable pieces and then works alongside her team to pull them off, all the while promoting a great work environment! Her enthusiasm is infectious and her care for students is never ending.

Laura Sipple

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Marketing Manager

Laura Sipple is a dedicated Marketing Manager in the Office of Promotional Publications. She oversees the creation of all print and web publications for non-enrollment-based internal clients, and stands-in for the occasional graphic design or editing job when necessary. She is a three-time Liberty alumnus who initially started working for the university in 1997 as a graphics editor for the “Liberty Journal.”

Chris Wilson

Title: Media Install Technician

Chris Wilson is a Media System Installer with Technical Production & Media Systems. Chris has a can-do attitude and always works to do whatever it takes to complete the job professionally. Chris has been with Technical Production for 6 years. In the time he has worked for the University, Chris has quickly taken on more responsibility while always fulfilling his main objectives. Chris succeeds at his job because of his great attitude and consistent work ethic.

Tirian Wilson

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Network Operations Engineer

Tirian attacks assignments and challenges with persistence; routinely exceeding 40 hours per week. He is an invaluable resource to any committee, project, or university task to which he is assigned. This month Tirian has taken the lead in planning and implementing a more robust Call Center Infrastructure project that is critical to achieving the increased enrollment goals of the university. Even with such a high level of knowledge, skill, and ability, Tirian demonstrates humility and empathy in his interactions with others. If we needed to show somebody what a Champion for Christ looks like, Tirian would be an excellent example.

Alan York

Dept: Liberty Flames
Title: Voice of the Flames

Alan has been a member of the Flames team for a year and continually goes above-and-beyond the call of duty in performing his job. He is always looking for ways to improve his work and the work of those around him.

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