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Katie Anfindsen

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Project Coordinator

Katie Anfindsen has established herself as a motivated and ambitious Project Coordinator in the Office of Promotional Publications. Katie has taken on a steadily increasing workload since she started in October 2011. Her client base includes the Zaki Gordon School for Cinematic Arts, Selah Yearbook and the Liberty Journal. Katie has worked diligently on establishing new training policies and processes. She also offers tremendous support to student workers. Katie exemplifies the characteristics of a team player and has a personality that allows her to remain composed and courteous while meeting the various demands of her job. OPP is proud to call Katie Anfindsen Employee of the Month because of the contributions she has made in a short time.

Mallory Butincu

Dept: Academics
Title: Secretary for the Department of English and Modern Languages

Mallory Butincu is prompt, professional and flexible. A graduate of Liberty University’s English program, she was a perfect fit for the Department of English and Modern Languages. She willingly and cheerfully learns new things as her job demands. She always goes the extra mile, sending out pleasant greetings, baking goodies for the faculty, and amazing us all with her cheerful and courteous attitude. Mallory is always pleasant and positive. She is one in a million.

Courtney Cox

Dept: Human Resources
Title: Payroll Specialist

Courtney has been in Human Resources over five years. She has received a B.S. in Finance and is currently finishing up an M.B.A. from Liberty.

Frank DiGregorio

Dept: Academics
Title: Washington Fellowship Recruitment Coordinator

Frank works tirelessly in the Career Center with the Washington Semester Fellowship. He is always quick to lend a hand, offer an encouraging word or do whatever is necessary to assist a student or colleague in need. He has built wonderful relationships across the university since he has worked in LUO, resident Academic Advising and now the Career Center. One of the most important characteristics that people recognize when they work with Frank is that he is real. He walks his talk. He has a wonderful Christian testimony as works to support CASAS and the university by serving with a heart like Jesus.

Chuck Ford

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: LUO Admissions Consulting Workforce Manager

Chuck Ford is a critical leader on the Admissions Consulting Team. He has driven strategic mission campaign processes for the contact center through preemptive work with the Business Intelligence Office and senior management.

James Harris

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Automotive Technician

James Harris has served in the Transportation Department since 1993. He has grown through the years as one of Liberty’s senior mechanics. James’ responsibilities are to maintain the university vehicles, equipment and transporting equipment from one job to the next. I’m very thankful to have James be a part of our Transportation Department.

Deneen Jefferson

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Bus Driver for Liberty Transit

This is an email regarding Deneen picking up an international student at 11:30 p.m. in Roanoke: "She did a very professional job and we chatted almost the whole way home. It was obvious that she takes her job seriously and wants to do a good, safe job getting people around. She seems to sincerely try to present a professional pride to those she comes in contact with. As a retired Air Force officer, I would have been happy to have one of my troops perform with the professionalism Deneen displayed. Thanks for all you and your staff do to make Liberty the great place it is. I'm sure there are many hard working folks who go unthanked, but God sees their diligence and the people appreciate it whether they take the time to say so or not."

Joe Marshall

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Senior Business Process Specialist

Joe Marshall is a Senior Business Data Analyst in the Business Intelligence Office.  He works tirelessly to support the following divisions at Liberty University: Resident Enrollment, Marketing, Development and Liberty University Online.  Joe and his staff work diligently to provide metrics and analysis to each division so that the University leadership can make sound business decisions related to enrollment, alumni, planned giving, and marketing efforts.  Joe also oversees the mass email and dialer support teams. Joe manages a staff of seventeen talented individuals and he sets an example of hard work, dependability, experience and knowledge. We are grateful to have Joe on staff and in his leadership position at Liberty University.

Jeffery Miles

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

Jeffery (JD) Miles is a patrol officer and has been serving Liberty University in this position since March 2008. Recently, JD was instrumental in solving two major cases in which Liberty property was damaged and several thousand dollars worth of property was stolen. JD’s professional training in law enforcement, relationships with local law enforcement, his relentless efforts and dedication to Liberty University led to the apprehension of the suspect(s) and recovery of the stolen property. JD is a respected member of LUPD and due to his hard work and dedication in the field, he is a mentor to the newer and younger officers of this department.

Wende Parker

Dept: Registrar
Title: Registration Coordinator

Wende Parker is the Registration Coordinator within the Registrar’s Office. Wende has the responsibility of scheduling all residential classes, ensuring the right rooms and the right times are selected to meet university standards as well as faculty and student needs. She tirelessly works to find options for late additions and changes. She somehow does this with both a servant’s heart and attitude. Her optimistic approach to every task is infectious to everyone. No matter what the task or time of day, Wende can be counted on to jump in with both feet and provide options. It is our privilege to have her in the Registrar’s Office.

Bethany Pearson

Title: Administrative Assistant

Bethany Pearson is an Administrative Assistant in the Office of Student Leadership. Her most recent accomplishment of assisting in coordinating the weekend event of assessing the Resident Assistant applicants was an example of Bethany’s persistence and dedication to the vision of Liberty University. Bethany’s work ethic, commitment to being a team player and sweet spirit make her a valuable asset to the Office of Student Leadership.

Kim Poje

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Embedded Student Account Rep

Formerly an LU Online Rep., Kim recently transitioned to an Embedded Rep. for our office. She is self-motivated, proactive and efficiently executes every task she is assigned. Kim handles all students with a unique quality of kindness and understanding. The following quotes say it best: “She is excellent and passionate in serving Military, LUOA and LUO students and staff” – Jeff Ford, Director of Student Accounts, “She is always ready and willing to assist Military students with any need” - Meghan Ellis, Assoc. Director of Military, “Her servant’s heart has filled many needs within our department” - Emily Foutz, Director of Military Affairs , “She sticks with issues and problems until a resolution is reached” - Kelly Bingham, Dir. of LUOA.

Kim Sandidge

Dept: Academics
Title: Circulation Supervisor

Kim has served as the Circulation Supervisor for the Integrated Learning Resource Center since 2002. She is cheerful, positive, and even-tempered in challenging situations; willing to go the extra mile in search of customer satisfaction. Kim displays an in-depth knowledge of the systems with which she works and keeps her area running smoothly to provide excellent service to faculty, staff and students.

Jake Shellenberger

Dept: Liberty Flames
Title: Head Coach Women's Swimming

Congratulations to Jake Shellenberger and the women's swimming team for a great season. The Lady Flames finished with a 12-2 regular season record and came in second in the CCSA Championship, in just their second year as a NCAA program. Jake received Coach of the Year honors for this accomplishment. We are very proud of Jake and the Lady Flames swimming program for a great season.

Joseph Wiegand

Dept: Academics
Title: Associate Dean for Internal Affairs and Online Programs

As Associate Dean for Internal Affairs and Online Program, Joseph Wiegand has responsibility for all internal personnel, budget oversight, student affairs, and he works closely with admissions, financial aid and events. He also oversees the law school’s new online programs. Dean Wiegand has exceptional organizational skills and is dedicated to the mission of the law school and the university. He has a critical role in the success of the law school and its continued expansion of new programs.

Wyatt Wilson

Dept: Development
Title: Planned Giving Officer

Wyatt brings a wealth of relationship building to the Estate Planning Department. For many years, he led his own painting/decorating business and then went back to his first love, singing professionally with the OTGH quartet before joining our team over six years ago. Wyatt spends 80 to100 days a year on the road. He has an expansive territory from Seattle Washington to Bangor Maine. He is a master at artistically painting a beautiful picture of the virtues of Liberty’s faculty, staff and students and consistently sings the praises of this the world’s largest Christian university to our “Friends of Liberty.” For Wyatt, the challenges disappear when he sees the donors respond and become enthusiastic financial supporters of Liberty University

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