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Top Employees of January 2012

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Joshua Bryant

Dept: Academics
Title: Aircraft Dispatch Manager

Josh “JJ” Bryant is the chief dispatcher for Liberty's School of Aeronautics. JJ leads the dispatch team in working out daily details required to get aeronautics students flying on a regular basis. Some of these include ensuring the aircrafts are fully fueled, the weather meets the requirements for the flight and that the pilots are fully prepared. He coordinates these details for over 7,000 flights and 11,000 hours of flying each year. JJ dedicates his day to taking care of the needs of students and instructor pilots and is at the helm of flight line operations. He has displayed great commitment to the School of Aeronautics and is an invaluable member of the team who has taken the heartbeat of Liberty Aviation to a whole new level.

Kristina Burdeaux

Dept: Academics
Title: Secretary, History Department and Philosophy Department

Kris Burdeaux faithfully serves as an administrative assistant for two academic departments (history and philosophy) and 15 faculty members. She has a sweet disposition, models a servant’s heart to the benefit of both faculty and staff, and mentors the departments’ student workers. Kris also has two children, both students at Liberty. We appreciate Kris’ dedication to go the extra mile for Liberty.

Elisha Dudley

Title: Associate Director of Female Student Leadership

Elisha is from Arkansas but came to Liberty in 2004 as a transfer student to earn her bachelor’s in interior design. She felt drawn to a leadership role, so she started serving as a Spiritual Life Director and then Resident Assistant. The Lord blessed her with the opportunity to serve as a Resident Director while working toward her master’s degree in business management. She now serves as the Associate Director of Female Resident Directors. While attending Liberty, she met her best friend, Jeremy. They were married in 2008. She enjoys playing with her dog, Webster, watching sports with her husband, cooking and (like many woman) talking. She feels blessed with her loving husband, friendships and having a job that elevates Christ.

Jessil Fuhr

Dept: Academics
Title: Instructional Mentor, School of Religion

Jessil is an outstanding instructional mentor who helps to oversee all of the School of Religion instructors for the Liberty University en Español (LUE) program. Over the past year, she has been on the front lines of instructing Liberty courses in Spanish, and has invested herself in ensuring that our students receive excellent instruction. In addition to her instructional mentor responsibilities, Jessil helps to coordinate the hiring for LUE in the School of Religion and often contributes to other areas of the university through course translation. Her gentle spirit, diligent work ethic, and specialized skill set make her an incredibly valuable member of our team.

Ronda Heerspink

Dept: Academics
Title: Faculty Support Coordinator

Ronda Heerspink has a true heart for ministry. She has been willing to do whatever was asked with a positive attitude, even when a task may seem impossible. She is one of the driving factors behind the School of Education (SOE), successfully managing unprecedented growth, welcoming, and preparing over 200 online faculty members in just a few years. She handles scheduling, shipping textbooks, due date reminders, technology training and preparation as well as other SOE initiatives. She facilitates SOE communication from SOE administration to our many faculty members. It is hard to imagine SOE without her, particularly with over 12 years of her service with SOE. Her coworkers consider it a privilege to have her as part of their team.

Ben Moomaw

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Senior Software Developer

Ben often goes above and beyond what is expected and does so with a good attitude. He genuinely desires to improve not only his individual performance, but also is looking for ways to improve the IT Development department as a whole. Ben brings over 20 years of experience to the organization and has a wealth of knowledge in software development as well as business processes. His good mix of technical and interpersonal skills make him a valuable asset to the Student Financial Services team.

Jesse Perry

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Internal Branding

Jesse manages the university’s internal branding efforts, specifically the recently launched You Matter initiative. While coordinating the launch of the initiative, Jesse maintained a positive and professional attitude while ensuring that projects were completed effectively and in a timely manner. He strives to improve the quality of his projects and regularly shares innovative research and his passion for marketing with his co-workers. Jesse is married to his college sweetheart Kelly, whom he met while earning his undergraduate degree at Liberty.

Shane Pinder

Dept: Liberty Flames
Title: Head Volleyball Coach

Coach Pinder's Lady Flames Volleyball team won the Big South Conference Championship and advanced to the NCAA Tournament in November. In 2011 Shane was named VASID Coach of the Year for the third time. He does a great job with the position and continues to build a winning program on the court and in the classroom. The Athletics department greatly appreciates the way the volleyball program represents Liberty University.

Kimberly Schweighart

Dept: Development
Title: Administrative Assistant - Alumni Relations

Kim has been with Liberty for three years. She is the smiling face that greets everyone that enters the Alumni Relations department. Kim is responsible for communicating with thousands of alumni each year through every means available, including: phone, email, Facebook and personal interaction. She can be seen at all alumni events, making sure everything is running smoothly and welcoming everyone with a smile. She plays a major role in the planning process of all of the Alumni functions. Kim provides excellent service to our staff and to our alumni and this is evident in the care and concern she exhibits. She always goes above-and-beyond anything asked of her. Her coworkers count it a privilege to work with Kim!

Debbie Stone

Dept: Registrar
Title: Office Manager

Debbie Stone is the Office Manager in the Registrar’s Office. She is a perfect example of a selfless servant. Debbie comes to work every day with a passion for helping students, parents, staff and faculty alike. Debbie brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to every endeavor. She has such a strong love for people that it becomes infectious and influences others. Her dedication to making sure that everyone feels like they matter and are appreciated is evident in all aspects of her work. She is a valuable member of our family and is someone we can always count on in any circumstance. She consistently goes above-and-beyond what is asked of her to make sure that the Registrar’s Office is running smoothly.

Phil Young

Title: Senior Engineer

Phil is a talented and dedicated engineer who is responsible for all maintenance of Liberty University's television broadcast equipment, including the Liberty Channel master control and TV transmitter, Vines control room, wireless video systems, video fiber and satellite receivers. He's the guy that keeps it all working.

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