Project Process

Request a Project

First, you need to complete a Project Request Form. In order to ensure effective processing, please provide as much detail as possible and indicate your requested completion date in the “drop/delivery date” field.

Your project coordinator will review your request and may contact you if additional information is needed. A tentative deadline will be set according to project timelines.

Marketing’s Photography Department covers various events on campus and stages shoots for promotional material. Please make note of any photography-specific needs you have in your project request.

Approval Process

The first version of the project will be created, edited internally, and sent to you for approval through Proof HQ, our online proofing software. Your project coordinator will upload the proof to all applicable parties, and we ask that you note your corrections/approval on the proof within 24 hours of receiving it. The marketing team will then make any changes, and the project will be reviewed by Quality Control and sent for printing or production.

Expected Timeline

The Marketing Department provides a list of standard timelines for your planning needs. If you have an urgent request and would like to expedite your project, please contact your project coordinator.

Marketing Approvals

If you design your own artwork for your department’s projects, it must be submitted as a marketing approval. Submit your marketing approval through the Project Request Form and attach your designed art. Include a brief description of the piece, including what type of project it is, how long it will be used, where it will be used, and who the audience is. The request will be received and processed by your project coordinator within 72 hours. The submitted artwork will be run through an internal proofing process, which has a timeline of only a few days. Your project coordinator will share any required edits or comments with you and you will be responsible for making the edits and sending updated artwork. If there are a significant amount of changes, additional proofing may be required, extending the timeline another 24-48 hours. Once the piece is approved, your project coordinator will inform you that it is approved to use in your advertising. All printing and publishing of marketing approvals must be done by your department.

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