Email Signature FAQ

1. I am an online professor off campus or do not have a Liberty-issued computer. How do I implement the correct email signature?

If you are using a Mac and have 10.5 or above, click the link at the bottom of the main Faculty/Staff Email Signature Policy page to download the application. If you are using a PC, click the link in the bullet point directly above that for a file to copy and paste from. Replace the appropriate fields with your information.

2. How should I include professional designations, such as Doctor, a professional certification or rank in my email signature?

Please include these in either the "First name" or "Last name" fields of the application. For instance, your "First name" should be "Dr. John Q." if you have a doctorate designation. If the designation should go after your name, then as an example your "Last name" should be "Sample C.P.M."

3. What should I do if I work for the School of Law, Rawlings School of Divinity, Online Academy, etc.?

In order to make the email signature standard among all employees that are under the Liberty University umbrella, we must all use the same standardized signature. If you work for School of Law, Rawlings School of Divinity, Online Academy, etc., then use the department field as the name of your school. For instance, "Liberty University Online Academy" as your "Department" if you work for the Liberty University Online Academy.

4. Does this Bible  be in the email signature?

Everyone has a favorite Bible verse, however to show consistency and to keep signatures short we have opted not to include Scripture references in the standardized email signature. In that light, the faculty/staff standardized email signature does not have a Bible verse.

5. What should I do if my email signature in replies or forwards is not appearing correctly?

If replies or forwards are appearing incorrectly, then look for an option in the settings (exact wording will be different depending on application or computer) of your email client to always default to replying with HTML, not copying the formatting of the original email you're replying to or forwarding. Additionally, if there is an option in your signatures settings for this, select for email signatures to appear above quoted text when replying and forwarding.

6. May I make additions to the email signature after running the application?

This email signature has been approved for all faculty and staff to use and should not include any additions. Additions not approved include and are not limited to webpage links, social media links, email address, fax number, mailing address, verse, department tagline or department-specific information, etc. Please email any reasoning on why you need additional information added to your email signature to

7. May I add my cell phone number to the email signature?

You may add your cell phone number to the email signature, after you have run the application. It is not included as standard for everyone as not every employee desires or needs their cell phone number in every email sent out. Some do, and if you would like to include your cell phone number, please do so by manually adding it directly under your office number in your email signature with a " (cell)" designation after it. Your email signature, when complete, should look like the following: 

8. When sending email to a student or a group of students through Blackboard, is there a way to set up a default signature that will automatically appear in the email message?

At this time there is not. In the meantime, please manually copy and paste the webmail-version of the email signature that is provided from the PC/Mac application when sending emails to students via Blackboard.

9. If I attended Liberty for both Undergraduate and Graduate school, how should that be listed? Also, to verify, is the graduation year optional?

Graduation year is optional. Thus, either year would be appropriate.

10. Does the email signature only apply to Liberty owned computers? Should I put the new signature on my smart phone and home computer as well?

If you are often replying to students/customers with your mobile devices, then remove the automated signature entirely so it doesn't add anything to the bottom of your outgoing emails - so it would be applicable to personal or Liberty replies. Because most mobile devices do not support multiple email signatures, this is our solution currently if you are replying often to students/customers from a mobile device.

11. I have applied the new email signature, but I cannot see the colors.  It looks like plain text on my email messages.  How do I fix that?

  • In Microsoft Outlook for PC, go to “Tools” then “Options” then select the “Mail Format” tab. Under “Message Format” select “HTML.” Click “Apply” then “OK.”
  • In Apple Mail, go to “Mail” then “Preferences” in the menubar. Click "Composing." Near the top, for "Message Format," select "Rich Text."
  • In Outlook 2011 for Mac, go to “Outlook “ then “Preferences” in the menubar. Click "Composing.” Near the bottom, check the checkbox next to "Compose messages in HTML by default."
  • In Entourage 2008 for Mac, go to “Entourage” then “Preferences” in the menubar. Click "Compose" in the left section. Near the top, for "Mail format," select "HTML."

12. I do not have an office phone number.  What phone number should I use in my signature?

Please use Liberty's main number [(434) 582-2000] or your department number if you do not have an office phone number.

13. I have two titles or work for two departments.  May I use both?

Yes. Please separate the titles with an ampersand [&].  For example, “Assistant Director & Associate Professor.” Use the same method in combining both your departments onto the one line. The goal is to minimize the number of lines in your email signature to what will appear visually consistent with everyone's.

14. I am having trouble pasting my email signature. What should I do?

Review this article written by the IT HelpDesk. 

15. Is there a reason the signature may not have a URL, driving people to Liberty’s website or a specific page?

The website is already a part of your email address ( Additionally, including a link would make the text style unpredictable (therefore, not consistent) and it would not always appear in plain text. You are encouraged to still include as many specific URLs your audiences may need in marketing email blasts. That is the best time to communicate specific links over email, rather than in every email you compose.

16. The Liberty wordmark did not appear on my Mac email client. What should I do?

Some Mac programs, including Entourage '08, do not allow images. In this case, your email signature will not include the Liberty wordmark.  You may use this version.

17. Office Outlook Web Access will not copy the specific fonts and colors that are required, or I am having other problems applying my signature in Webmail. What should I do?

First, make sure you are using either Firefox or Internet Explorer when first setting up your signature with Webmail. You can use any browser after set up, but it is important while setting up to use one of these two internet browsers. Webmail only allows plain text and that is fine if/when emailing from webmail. If you are off-campus & do not have the Liberty University Signature application, please click here, copy and paste the text into your Webmail signature box (as shown in the Captivate videos), replacing appropriate fields with your information.

18. If I have more questions, who should I contact?

Please email