Germany & Chech Republic - Department of History

Christianity and Western Culture is a premier experience set over Spring Break 2018 as we look to encounter Martin Luther, the Reformation and its effect on Western Culture, including the United States. Traveling to Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere we will visit the Reformation Doors in Wittenberg, the castles of Heidelberg and Wartburg while also visiting more recent historical sites of the 20th Century. Spanning the history of five centuries, we'll connect the struggle between religious and political freedom with emerging forms of Nationalism and Modernity that shook the foundations of Europe into the present era. Join us for this unique opportunity as we share the Gospel while traveling through some of the very lands which learned to read the Bible in their own languages during the Reformation.


Dates: 3/15/2018 - 3/24/2018

Course Options: HIEU 201, 202, 450, 466, 566 | CSER

Price: $3,500 - $3,700


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