Guest Eligibilty & Policies

Member Guests

All Liberty University students and LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center members are permitted to sponsor up to two non-family member guests per day to accompany them into the facility. All guests will be required to pay a $5 daily membership fee. All guests are required to sign-in at the Member Services desk of the facility.
* Exceptions to the Visitor Policy will be made for on campus visitation weekends such as CFAW, Homecoming, Alumni and Parents weekends. These exceptions will be determined by Campus Recreation staff and will be posted at the front desk of each facility. Please contact 434-592-3148 with any questions.

* Families of students or members are welcome to tour the facility at no charge at any time during normal operating hours. Touring families need to show ID and sign in.


Intensive Students

Intensive students are eligible to use the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Centers and David's Place while on campus for an intensive class.

For more details, please review our LaHaye Rec and Fit Policies & Procedures and our Montview Bowling Alley and Game Room Policies and Procedures.