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Faculty/Staff Memberships

Be an Active Member of the Liberty University Community!

When you purchase a LaHaye Student Union membership, you can utilize a variety of recreation facilities which include the following: LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, Thomas Indoor Soccer Center, Schilling Center, and David's Place and Outdoor Pool. Improve your health and fitness, interact with a diverse group of individuals, and make lasting friendships.

Once you have reviewed membership options available to you based on your specific eligibility, please complete a membership form and return it to a the Thomas Indoor Soccer desk.

Be sure to review our Policies and Procedures

Membership Eligibility

Liberty University Faculty and Staff who are directly paid by the University are eligible for membership. Faculty and Staff will be asked to present their Flames Pass for verification when registering for membership.

Please Note: All students and members are required to present a valid Flames Pass prior to entering the facilities. Any individuals with an "invalid card" will be denied access and directed to the Card Services office located in Green Hall.

Membership Options

Early Bird

Offers faculty and staff access to the facilities from open – 2:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. This free Early Bird membership is an affordable option for faculty and staff looking to utilize the facilities before work. 

Annual      $0 

Early Bird Plus

The upgrade to the Early Bird membership gives faculty and staff facility access during all operational hours Sunday – Saturday.

Day            $5
Week         $15
Month        $25
Semester   $80 (Fall: 8/14/2014 – 12/19/2014)
Annual       $200

Membership Length Options

 Annual - Provides access to all facilities for a full 365 day calendar year.
Semester - Based on the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
Monthly - Provides access to all facilities for a 30-day period.
Weekly - Offers one-week (seven-day) access to facilities during all hours of operation.
Day - Allows access to facilities during all hours of operation on the date of their purchase.

*Refunds will not be issued for closure dates due to university closures, holidays, facility maintenance, etc. which will occur throughout the year