To View Grades Online Using ASIST:

Log onto myLU using your Liberty University username and password. Select ASIST, select Student, and then select Student Records; Final Grades are available to view.

Grading System

Grading for OMS I-IV student-doctors is based on a scale of 0 to 100. LUCOM requires a grade of 70 or above for passing of all courses, any grade below 70 is failing.

A 95-100
A- 90-94
B 85-89
B- 80-84
C 75-79
C- 70-74
F 0-69

Letter grades are provided for reference only. LUCOM official grades are numerical grades only and not letter grades.

Some courses are graded pass with honors/high pass/pass/fail/and satisfactory; or satisfactory/unsatisfactory as shown below:

H     Pass with Honors (90 or above)
HP     High Pass (80-89)
P     Pass (70-79)
S     Satisfactory (70-100) - when no honors grade is offered
U     Unsatisfactory (0-69)
F     Fail (below 70)
R     Repeated Course - retaken to remediate prior failure
X     Passed by remediation
AU     Audited Course
NR     No Grade Reported - temporary grade
I     Incomplete
W     Withdrawal
WP     Withdrawal Passing
WF     Withdrawal Failing
FN     Failure for Non-Attendance