Student Services

Student Services

The Office of Student Services exists to support and advance the interest of students, enhance their quality of life, and to facilitate their academic endeavors while in attendance at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM). The curriculum at LUCOM is rigorous and while it is designed to prepare students to become osteopathic physicians and serve the needs of the public, it places demands on the student and the student’s family that often lead to situations that require outside assistance.

The Office of Student Services maintains an open-door policy to guide and advise students on a wide diversity of matters be them personal, emotional, spiritual, social, physical, financial, and/or academic. In addition, the Office of Student Services is responsible to provide oversight for, collaborate with, and coordinate student government and student organizations’ activities: including social, community service and outreach events, educational presentations, celebrations, and symposiums.

COM Students

The Office of Student Services also oversees the Academical Societies of the College,which provide advising for students on peer- to-peer, professional, faculty and staff levels along with mentorship, role modeling, and counseling assistance throughout their academic career at LUCOM. Student Services also provides career counseling and assistance in GME preparation and selection.

For more information, please communicate with Benjamin Smith, Associate Director of Student Services, at