Medical school to expose students to primary care and underserved regions

James Ebrahim :: Liberty Champion | Feb 20, 2014



As construction of the new Center for Medical and Health Sciences comes to a close this Spring, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine is continuing to design a system that will produce doctors in portions of Virginia with inadequate medical service.

According to the dean of the college, Dr. Ronnie Martin, physicians in inner-city and rural areas are considered to be in underserved regions because of the cultural mix of the region, lack of jobs, or low quality of life.

“Osteopathic Medicine has historically been a primary care profession that has placed great emphasis on community-based practices. We give our students a significant amount of exposure to primary care and community-based care,” Dr. Martin added. “All of our medical clubs and organizations have to have a service project, and many of those are in underserved areas.”

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