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There are three primary styles for citing sources of research. Make sure you know which style your professor requires before completing your research.






  • EndNote software software assists in managing and creating citations 
    Note: These citations are not always 100% correct, so check them against the citation manual of the style you are using.
  • Citations from specific databases (Worldcat, Ebsco)

Must be cited:

  • Direct quotes, paraphrasing, or summarizing
  • Ideas, or references to ideas, that you obtained from somewhere
  • Internet sources that give you useful background information

Doesn't need to be cited:

  • Primary research that you conduct
  • Ideas that emerge (but are significantly different) from what is discussed in class, on the discussion board, etc.
  • Common knowledge (i.e., most everyone knows it)

Plagiarism & Copyright

See the copyright guidelines for detailed information on what constitutes plagiarism and how to determine copyright.

Citing the Online MMY in APA Style (Mental Measurements Yearbook)

Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale. Mental Measurements Yearbook, 11th ed. [Electronic version].
    Retrieved January 4, 2002, from Mental Measurements Yearbook database.

McMorris, Robert F. [Reviewer].(1996). Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale. Mental Measurements
, 14th ed. [Electronic version]. Retrieved January 4, 2002, from Mental Measurements
    Yearbook database.

If you cannot find a date, leave it out. The publisher is not necessary in this case. There should be a notation with the edition (11th, 14th, etc.).

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