Scholarly Communications Policy

Reason for Policy

The mission of the Liberty University Digital Commons is capturing, preserving, and freely distributing the scholarship of the Liberty University community. It is an online repository for disseminating, storing, and preserving the educational and research output of Liberty University. It provides a web-based vehicle through which these resources can be made available to the global academic community.

Policy Statement

Content meeting the following criteria may be included in the Liberty University Digital Commons: 1) The authors of the content must be Liberty University faculty or students. 2) The content must receive the appropriate administrative approvals for inclusion in the repository. The specific approvals required for an item’s acceptance to the LU Digital Commons depend on the type of author and the type of content. 3) Authors must hold the copyright to the materials in their submissions. If an author wishes to include an item (such as an image or survey) to which he or she does not hold the copyright, then the author must demonstrate that the item is rights-free or that he or she has acquired permission from the copyright-holder to reproduce and distribute the material.


If a submission to the Digital Commons fits within the policy criteria, the item is added to the Digital Commons and the author is notified of completion.

Glossary of Terms

Digital Commons: A publicly accessible digital repository storing the output of an institution. Liberty University’s Digital Commons is used mainly to store and make accessible student and faculty scholarship.