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Jerry Falwell Library Lockers Policy

Reason for Policy

Lockers are provided as a convenience to customers and usage must be in accordance with the Liberty Way and reasonable sanitation practices. 

Policy Statement

Lockers are available to customers who wish to store their materials, personal possessions, and items which have already been checked out. They may not be used to store food, malodorous personal belongings, or other perishable items. Lockers are subject to inspection at the discretion of library staff at any time. 


Customers may use the lockers for up to an entire semester, depending on availability. Lockers will be checked weekly by library staff to ensure no perishable items have been left. Moreover, lockers will be cleaned out at the end of each semester and all recovered items will be taken to the lost and found at the Student Union information desk. Any recovered items which are determined to be dangerous or otherwise hazardous will be submitted to LUPD. Lockers are located in the Dodak Technology Commons, Gwin Learning Commons, Tinney Café, and Scholars Commons.


Customers who misuse lockers may lose their privilege to use them.