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Alumni Snapshot: Richard M. Osborne

December 01, 2009 | Liberty Journal

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University?

I accepted Christ my senior year in high school and my football coach, Lee Kaltenbach, came to Liberty from Atlanta to coach football. Coach Kaltenbach encouraged me and nine other of his high school players to come to Liberty to play football and grow as Christians. It was hard for me my first year, since I had just become a Christian, but God really laid on my heart to finish what I started. Liberty taught me what I needed to do in life to be successful.

What is your fondest memory of Liberty?

Hearing all the old-time preachers Dr. Falwell invited to come to Liberty and the Old Time Gospel Hour Choir. I still remember B.R. Lakin, Dr. John Rice and Elmer Towns preaching the gospel and Dr. Falwell encouraging us never to quit and to be a Champion for Christ.

How did attending Liberty prepare you for your life after graduation?

Liberty helped me to be able to communicate at almost any professional level. College does not really train you how to perform in your career, but it is the stepping stone to find what the career should be in the future. Because Liberty requires you to take Bible courses, you learn universal principles that you carry with you the rest of your life. Having that Bible knowledge really helps you have a more educated conversation with people of all walks of life. Liberty taught me everything I know about being a Champion for Christ.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am really softhearted, and I still can cry when I hear “Amazing Grace.”

What made you decide to make the lead gift for Liberty’s new soccer stadium and press box?

As a former Liberty football player you might wonder why I’d be helping the soccer program. Well the answer is simple: after the [soccer] game, look what happens out in the middle of the field. You have [Coach] Jeff Alder and the players having a word of prayer, having a chance to witness to the other teams. Every athletic program at Liberty is about soul winning, so it’s easy to give to an organization that cares about lives. Now that the Lord has allowed me to retire, it’s my mission to help other people in this school.”