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S.C. man contributes to Liberty's mission

April 01, 2010 | Liberty Journal | Mitzi Bible

Philip Pou of Saluda, S.C., has supported Liberty University and its affiliated ministries for almost half his life. He celebrated his 80th birthday in August.

As a longtime member of LU’s Board of Regents and the Jerry Falwell Legacy Society, Pou has had a chance to visit the campus over the years. He always loved the part of the annual Board of Regents weekends where students meet with members and talk about all the new facilities and academic improvements on campus. He would talk with staff from Liberty’s Planned Giving Department for hours about how he loved the fact that Liberty was growing and doing well and how excited he was to see the Lord’s blessings on Liberty. It seemed every visit to Lynchburg energized Pou and led him to support the school even more.

But there’s one memory of Liberty that he will forever hold dear.

While he was in the hospital a few years ago, he received a visit from Tom Arnold, director of Liberty’s Planned Giving Department.

Arnold said he enjoyed the visit, and when he returned to Liberty, he told Dr. Jerry Falwell, Liberty University’s founder and then-chancellor, about his friend in South Carolina. Falwell immediately called Pou in the hospital.

"That call cemented him into the heart of this school," Arnold said.

Pou was indeed encouraged by the personal call and, when released from the hospital, was already making plans to continue to support the school any way he could.

Through Liberty’s Planned Giving Department, Pou has purchased nine charitable gift annuities, made numerous other donations and included Liberty in his will. But he hasn’t stopped there.

Pou has encouraged others to support Liberty, including his sister, who he has to thank for investing in his own college education.

Pou believes in the value of higher education. He received an undergraduate degree from Furman University and a master’s in economics from Baylor University. He served in the U.S. Air Force and worked as a salesman for Ford Motor Company for more than 20 years. His sales awards cover an entire wall in his home.

But it’s clear he isn’t seeking any type of award for his contribution to the Lord’s work at Liberty.

"I have a lot of good times of fellowship when I visit Philip Pou," said Planned Giving Officer Everett Foutz. "He's one of our most loyal, faithful supporters."

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