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Faculty focus: Dr. Gary Habermas, Research Professor of Apologetics & Philosophy

February 01, 2009 | Liberty Journal

Dr. Gary Habermas has been teaching at Liberty since 1981 in both the School of Religion and at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a Distinguished Research Professor and Chair in the School of Religion’s Department of Philosophy and Theology and also teaches in the Ph.D. program at LBTS.

“The best-kept secret (about the School of Religion and the Seminary) is the faculty, because they’re not just good people and very well prepared, but they have multiple graduate degrees, and they are in it for the ministry … They love the students; and most of all, they love the Lord; they love the kingdom of God and the church, and they want to minister. They have that unique combination of head and heart.”


Ph.D., Michigan State University; History and Philosophy of Religion (1976) M.A., University of Detroit; Philosophical Theology (1973) B.R.E., William Tyndale College; Majors: Christian Education, Bible, Social Sciences; Minors: Philosophy, Greek, English and Speech (1972)


Dr. Habermas lives in Lynchburg, Va., is married to Eileen, and has seven children and nine grandchildren.


Visiting or adjunct professor more than three dozen times at more than a dozen graduate schools and seminaries, including Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Tyndale Theology Seminary (Amsterdam), Biola University, Bethel Seminary and Reformed Seminary.

Authored, co-authored or edited 36 books, including:

“C. S. Lewis as Philosopher” co-edited (2008)
“Philosophy of History, Miracles, and the
Resurrection of Jesus” (2006)
“Resurrected? An Atheist & Theist Dialogue,” with A. Flew (2005)
“The Risen Jesus and Future Hope” (2003)
“The Thomas Factor” (1999)
“The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ” (1996)

Authored more than 60 chapters or articles in various other books, including:

“The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus” (2007)
“Dealing with Emotional Doubt” (2007)
“The Case for Christ’s Resurrection” (2004)
“Why I Believe the Miracles of Jesus Actually
Happened” and “Why I Believe the New
Testament is Historically Reliable” (2001)

More than 100 articles and reviews published in journals and magazines, including:

“Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus”
“Dialog: A Journal of Theology”
“Christianity Today”
“Faith and Philosophy”
“Religious Studies”
“Trinity Journal”
“Christian Counseling Today”



Approximately 1,600 lectures at hundreds of universities, colleges, seminaries and churches in the Unites States and abroad, including Stanford University, Rice University, UCLA, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, University of Cambridge and London School of Economics.