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Liberty Law Alumni Appointed New Legal Director and Liberty Counsel Attorney

April 03, 2013


Liberty University School of Law congratulates Mark Trammell, Class of 2012, on his appointment as the new Legal Director for the Liberty Center for Law and Policy. Trammell succeeds Mandi Campbell, Class of 2009, who has assumed the role of Litigation Counsel with Liberty Counsel. Both start their new positions immediately.

Founded by the law school’s dean, Mathew Staver, the Liberty Center for Law and Policy (LCLP) is a partnership between Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Counsel. In his new role, Trammell will serve in the nation’s capital just one block from the Capitol where his primary role will be to analyze legislation and policy and work with Liberty Law students and Liberty University undergraduate students for externship and internships in the area of law and policy. In addition, he will also have opportunities to develop relations with local, state, and federal appointed officials and agencies, in drafting legislation relating to the sanctity of life, the family, and religious liberties. “I am equally excited to not only accept this position but to continue the legacy of the law school. What better way for me to serve than on a national scale,” adds Trammell.

Assuming her new role as Litigation Counsel for Liberty Counsel, Campbell is no stranger to the legal world. Upon graduation in 2009, Mandi began working with Liberty Counsel, as a constitutional law attorney, and then in 2009, began her work with the Liberty Center for Law and Policy, only to add the role Director of Public Policy for Liberty Counsel Action in 2011. Campbell also taught as an adjunct professor for Liberty Law in the spring of 2012.

“I could not be more proud of Mark and Mandi. They both are incredibly gifted in the knowledge of the law and have been well trained,” said Mathew Staver, dean of Liberty University School of Law. “As leaders within the legal field, they will fulfill roles of influence, but also be defenders of Liberty."