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2L Tournament to Address Constitutional Issues

October 17, 2005
Through its Lawyering Skills program, Liberty University School of Law emphasizes the practical skills that students must possess to be effective attorneys. The Moot court Tournament provides an opportunity for students to practice these skills before a panel of judges. Following a successful 1L (first-year law student) tournament in April of 2005, the law school is hosting its first 2L (second-year law student) tournament October 18-22, 2005 and its second 1L tournament in March of 2006.

Prior to their second year of law school, students who choose to compete in Moot Court must start planning for the fall competition during the summer months. In addition to the oral arguments, each student must prepare a 15-page brief from a 40-page case, which is distributed early in the summer. The 20 students participating in this competition will argue before over 30 practicing attorneys and judges who will provide feedback to them and critique their performances from a real-world perspective.

Cases are based upon current issues facing Americans today. The question of the case being argued in the tournament is whether a public high-school dress code, including hair regulations, is in violation of a student’s rights under the First and fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.  The two finalists argue before experienced First Amendment lawyers who are judging the finals on Saturday, October 22.

The final round panel consists of:

Mathew D. Staver, Liberty Counsel

Stephen M. Crampton, American Family Association Center for Law and Policy

Michael J. DePrimo, American Family Association Center for Law and Policy

Steven W. Fitschen, National legal Foundation

Bruce W. Green, Liberty University School of Law

Liberty has been invited to participate in the Fifth Annual National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition hosted by Regent University School of Law in the spring of 2006 and is seeking other opportunities to compete on a regional basis. For more information about Moot Court at Liberty University School of law, or how you can be involved, please write or call (434) 592-5300.