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Liberty Law Review To Host Fall Symposium on Patient Rights, End-of-Life Decisions

October 12, 2012

Liberty University Law Review will host its fall symposium, End of Life Decisions: Advanced Directives and Patients’ Rights, on Friday, October 26, 2012, commencing at 2:30 PM in the Supreme Courtroom at Liberty University School of Law.  Attorneys licensed to practice in Virginia are eligible to receive two CLE credits upon registration and attendance.  The registration fee for those seeking CLE credit is $50.

Recent developments within the medical and political fields have prompted a serious debate regarding medical treatment for end-of-life situations.  In essence, patients have the right to choose the time and manner of their death, although these rights are not uniformly recognized in practice. Also, there are many legal, as well as, practical limits on when and how they are honored.  According to Dustin Gaines, editor-in-chief for the Liberty Law Review, “this topic is extremely important as it is something that every person will have to deal with during their lifetime. Whether end-of-life decisions need to be made for a person we love, or if we are making our own personal decisions regarding end-of-life care, these are issues that all of us will face.” 

Gaines adds, “in Matthew 25:40, the Scripture admonishes us that whatever we have done ’to the least of these,’ is as if we have done it for Christ Himself.”  This year the Law Review aims to equip both law students and current practitioners to use the law to fight for the lives of  "the least of these"— those who are incapacitated and unable to care for themselves. 

Special guest speakers for this year’s symposium include the Honorable Chip Robertson, former chief justice serving the Missouri Supreme Court; David Gibbs III, attorney for the family of the late Terri Schiavo; John Jakubczyk, active pro-life attorney for over 30 years; and Professor Philip Manns, Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law.

“As lawyers who counsel clients in this area, it is essential to have a solid grasp of the biblical underpinnings that will dictate how we advise our clients in this area. Also, with the Supreme Court's upholding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the considerations for end-of-life care once again have been brought to the forefront, as the government will be in a stronger position where it may be able to deprive life by the means of its healthcare regulation,” concluded Gaines.

The cost of the symposium is $50 (includes admission to Keynote Dinner) and is free to all Liberty University students, faculty, and staff.  The cost of the Keynote Dinner is $10.  For more information visit:  To register, email Rick Hecker, symposium editor, at