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Liberty Law Hosts First “Experience: Law” Weekend

October 02, 2012

On September 21-22, Liberty University School of Law held the inaugural Experience: Law Weekend, a two-day event, where nearly two dozen attendees were offered a glimpse into life as a Liberty Law student.

“Not all law schools are alike, not all are exciting.  The fact that Liberty Law is part of the largest Christian university in the world [Liberty University] makes the law school that much more exciting and the Experience: Law weekend that much more thrilling,” said Annette Pettyjohn, director of admissions at Liberty University School of Law.

From the moment the attendees arrived, they were greeted by several Liberty Law faculty and staff and Dean Mathew Staver.  Later they were welcomed into actual law classes and had the opportunity to converse with current law students.  Attendees toured the School of Law and Green Hall, dined with faculty, staff and students, attended several breakout sessions that included admissions and financial aid information and a panel discussion with Student Ambassadors and alumni.  “This weekend intentionally coincides with Liberty’s College for a Weekend (CFAW), so that our visitors receive a break from the academic side and experience additional events and entertainment held on Liberty’s main campus,” added Pettyjohn.  In the evenings, they attended their choice of Liberty events on campus such as the football game or a concert.  

“Oftentimes, a view-book cannot truly give an accurate picture of the people involved and what law school is like. By hosting several Experience: Law weekends throughout the academic year, we are able to bring in many interested, potential law students to truly experience Liberty as a whole,” added Dean Staver.

Liberty University School of Law also offers The Experience: Law Scholarship; which is awarded to each visitor who attends one of the Experience: Law weekends, applies, is admitted, and enrolls into Liberty University School of Law.  These recipients earn a $1,000 reduction off of their first year.

According to one attendee, Experience: Law Weekend greatly informed her about Liberty’s law school.  “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to the staff, as well as, sitting in on class lectures.   Being able to discuss my future plans with professors at the law school encouraged me that although Liberty’s School of Law has a very rigorous program, many have graduated and are now successful in their fields of law.  The overall weekend had a very positive impact on me and I definitely intend on applying to Liberty Law.”

The next Experience: Law weekend is scheduled for November 2-3, 2012.  For more information, click here.