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Liberty Law Alum Featured in Health Article from UVA

December 11, 2014

Our God is one of second chances and miracles. Raeann Osborne, a 2013 graduate from Liberty University School of Law who passed the West Virginia Bar Exam on her first attempt, is a living example of the truth that where God calls, He provides a way.
According to a recent article from the University of Virginia Health System, Ms. Osborne had been told by many people in her life that because of her epilepsy, she would never drive and should just write off college as an impossibility. Osborne told the health system’s “Vim & Vigor” magazine she was “fed up” with hearing such things and the turmoil they caused her in high school.
Osborne sought surgery after her condition caused problems in her first year of college. Since 2011, she has been completely off epilepsy medication and hasn’t had a seizure. The article highlights the benefits of seeking a surgical cure for epilepsy, rather than attempting to control the condition with medication.
The article posits many benefits of surgery, particularly for patients like Osborne, whose focal point of the seizures is located in the temporal lobes of the brain. Such procedures, though they carry a slight risk, are safer than living with a condition that could cause unexpected falls or even lead to death, the article states, citing neurologist Nathan Fountain.
“Ms. Osborne is a fighter. She knew God called her to law school and overcame many obstacles before, during, and after law school to pursue her dream. During law school, she pursued her desire to work with children and families by earning a Certificate of Concentration in Juvenile and Family Law. She also participated in the law school’s inaugural Israel Study Tour program, spending ten days in Israel learning about the legal system and deepening her walk with the Lord. We are thrilled to see her fulfill her dream to become an attorney,” said Dean Lindevaldsen.
Ms. Osborne is now an attorney with Johnston, Holroyd & Associates in West, Virginia, which is the same firm she interned with during law school.
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