J.D./Master of Arts in History Dual Degree Program

Combine your J.D. and a Master of Arts in History. The Liberty University Department of History teaches from an evangelical, conservative perspective and focuses on the study of American religion, military history, historical documentary filmmaking, and constitutional history. Specializations are also offered in diplomatic and European history. Liberty’s Master of Arts in History is a Phi Alpha Theta national award-winning program.

You can choose either a 30-hour graduate program with a thesis or a 36-hour comprehensive program.

The M.A. in History degree program allows you to use certain law courses to meet the academic requirements needed for earning your master’s degree in history.

You must apply and be accepted to the Master of Arts in History program to earn both the J.D. and M.A. in History. You must also get permission from the school of law registrar and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to participate in the combined degree program.

Tuition for Law and Master of Arts in History Dual Degree Program 

Tuition for history classes taken during the fall and spring semesters is covered by your law school tuition. Classes taken during the summer and winter terms are not covered in your law school tuition.

Degree Completion Plans (DCP)

Juris Doctor (J.D.) DCP

History DCPs