Students new to Liberty University School of Law begin law school with a four-day orientation program known as Barristers' Orientation. During Barristers' Orientation, students meet the faculty and their fellow classmates, and attend sessions designed to introduce them to the basic skills required for success in the study of law. Among the subjects addressed are how to read and brief a case and how to prepare for the Socratic method utilized in the classroom.


Various dining options are available at numerous locations on the main Campus and in Green Hall where the School of Law is located. Resident and commuter meal plans are available.


All on-campus students at Liberty University are issued a Flames Pass, the official campus ID card. The Flames Pass is used to access Flames Cash, meal plans, door access, athletic events, LaHaye Student Union and other campus events.  Students can apply for a Flames Pass by visiting the Card Services Office located in Green Hall.  Students must inform the staff in the Flames Pass office of their status as an incoming law student.  Government issued photo ID must be presented to receive a Flames Pass.  Upon receipt of the Flames Pass, students must have Access Control enter their card into the system.

NOTE:  Online application for the Flames Pass is not an option to law students due to the need for access capability.

  Card Services Office
  Hours:  8:00AM-5:00PM
  Location:  Green Hall 1957


Each Liberty Law student has access to the Law Student Handbook and is responsible for reviewing and following the law school policies and procedures found therein. Failure to comply with the policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action and, in some cases, dismissal from law school.

Neither Liberty University nor Liberty University School of Law offers health insurance coverage to students and their families. 

Formally called the Liberty OneCard, the Higher One card is issued to every Liberty University student and is the tool needed to select a refund preference to receive financial refunds. Higher One is the banking partner that disburses refunds for the University. For newly accepted resident students the card is sent to the mailing address on file with the University approximately three weeks prior to arriving on campus. Financial check-in must be completed before the card goes into production. When the card is delivered, a website will be provided to activate the card to select a refund preference. Activation of the card does not automatically open an account unless the Easy Refund option is selected and a deposit is made into the OneAccount.

A student retains the same card during his or her time as a student at Liberty University.


Lynchburg and Liberty University offer many quality activities to balance rigorous studies with life. Learn more about Liberty's connection with Lynchburg City on the About Liberty Page

In addition, since the law school is part of Liberty University, law students are encouraged to take advantage of the many recreational activities and facilities offered by the University including the LaHaye Student Union and Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre.

Student mailboxes and lockers are assigned in August immediately following orientation. Each enrolled student will be assigned a mailbox in the Student Café and may request the use of a locker by contacting the Director of Student Affairs.


All students must register their motor vehicles with Liberty University Police Department, and display a valid parking permit on their vehicles. The type of parking permit indicates areas in which a vehicle may be parked. The City of Lynchburg offers public bus transportation with a stop just outside the main entrance to campus.

Public bus schedules are available on the Liberty University Website,


The Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) provides 24-hour patrol protection of police, security, and emergency medical services to the campus, parking lots, residence halls, and other properties owned or controlled by the University.


Although studying law is rigorous in order to successfully prepare students for legal careers, there is a support system at Liberty University School of Law that surpasses all other law schools. The Director of Academic Support and the Director of the Center for Legal Writing are available to help enhance academic skills while the Director of Student Affairs is available to offer support and encouragement in other areas of each student’s life.

Students at Liberty University School of Law often comment that they are amazed that the professors are so accessible and supportive outside of the classroom.  As students meet with professors, they are strongly challenged to learn and perform; many students state that they clearly sense that professors desire to help them succeed.

In addition, each student is assigned an upper-class student as a mentor.  One main goal of these mentors is to reach out to students with offers of help with academic issues.  Mentors work with their mentees to help them find and take advantage of all the resources the law school offers to aid in their academic success.


The Liberty University Bookstore is housed within a full service Barnes and Noble Bookstore located on the main campus.

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