Liberty University School of Law is founded upon the premise that there is an integral relationship between faith and reason, and that both have their origin in the Triune God. Thus, from this perspective, legal education that purports to prepare individuals to pursue justice should skillfully integrate faith and reason as a means to the formation of law and a just society.

Such a legal philosophy was once the dominant one in America. The vision of Liberty University School of Law is to see that point of view renewed.

The proficient use of reason informed and animated by faith and a comprehensive Christian worldview is the means to revitalizing what is central to the American legal system—the rule of law.

The vision of the School of Law is to see again all meaningful dialogue over law include the role of faith and the perspective of a Christian worldview as the framework most conducive to the pursuit of truth and justice.

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Mission Statement

Liberty University School of Law exists to equip future leaders in law with a superior legal education in fidelity to the Christian faith expressed through the Holy Scriptures. 

This vision animates and drives all that we do, as we aim to

  1. Equip future leaders in law. Inspiring students and preparing them to excel and lead in their profession.
  2. With a superior legal education. Constructing and implementing an education characterized by excellence.
  3. In fidelity to the Christian faith. Adhering to the perspective that shaped the Western legal tradition.
  4. Expressed through the Holy Scriptures. Pursuing truth in a context of free thought and expression informed by a standard.

The purpose of Liberty University School of Law is to prepare its students to think, analyze, and communicate through the analytical grid of a comprehensive Christian worldview.  In so doing, the School of Law aspires to produce graduates who are clear thinkers, skilled legal practitioners, and morally responsible leaders of society. 

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