Law students who wish to work during the semester must submit, and the Dean must approve, a School of Law Work Request form each semester in which employment is desired. Work Request forms may be obtained from and submitted to the Director of Student Affairs.

Employment and Academic Workload Policy

Due to the rigor of law school, employment is not recommended for first-year law students. Liberty University School of Law offers a three-year, full-time program leading to conferral of the degree of Juris Doctor. Full-time student status is required for each and every semester in which a law student is enrolled. The expected workload for a full-time law student is at least 60 hours per week. Therefore, all employment must be approved in writing by the Dean. American Bar Association guidelines limit the number of hours students can work.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study provides on-campus employment opportunities in the School of Law and other areas on campus. This program provides part-time jobs for students who have financial need as determined by the FAFSA.

The School of Law does not locate employment opportunities for students and a position is not guaranteed. Available student positions and employment applications can be found on the Human Resources webpage or in the Human Resources on-campus office.

Law Research Assistantships

Law students entering their second or third year may also be considered for a School of Law Research Assistant position. Research Assistant positions provide financial compensation for valuable work experience and are normally publicized through the School of Law