What are the requirements for participation in the Externship Program?

Any student who has successfully completed one full year of law school with a GPA of 2.0 or better is eligible to participate in the program.

How many credits can be earned during the Fall and Spring Semesters in the Externship Program?

A student may earn a total of 4 credits during his or her academic career.  Each credit represents 60 hours of field work for a total of 240 hours.  A student must commit to a minimum of 2 credit hours per semester which represents enrollment as one class.  A semester field placement is one day per week for 8 hours plus one hour on campus for case rounds.

Can a student participate in an externship program during the summer break?

Yes, and many do!  Summer externs  commit to a minimum of  240 hours over an 8 week placement and are awarded 2 credits.

Are there any other requirements that a student must meet as part of the program?

Students are required to keep a weekly time log and a weekly journal. Also, each student is  responsible to submit an evaluation completed by his or her field supervisor at the completion of the program. Examples/samples of work product are required where applicable.

How do I learn about available placements?

An approved list of past placements will be added soon.  The program encourages students to seek out opportunities that compliment personal interests as they pursue future careers in the area of law.

Who is the primary contact person for the Externship Program if I have more questions?

You can contact the Associate Dean for Career and Professional Development, Suzanne Caruso, through email or call (434) 592-5300.

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