Liberty University School of Law offers comprehensive externship opportunities at more than 200 sites in a variety of legal settings.  Our externships provide students with real life legal experience that includes prosecution, public defense, public interest and policy organizations, trial and appellate courts, government agencies, media and entertainment, business, finance, and other areas. Students are also given the opportunity to establish new externships that meet individual needs and interests.

Students may participate in constitutional litigation with Liberty Counsel, a prominent international public interest firm located on the Virginia campus, with additional offices in Florida; Washington, D.C.; Texas; and Israel. Students may participate in the externship program with Liberty Counsel or the Constitutional Litigation Clinic.

Liberty University School of Law students interested in public policy and legislation may extern with the Liberty Center for Law and Policy in Washington D.C., which is a joint partnership between Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Counsel.  

An externship in international human rights is available with the Liberty Center for International Human Rights, which is also a joint partnership between Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Counsel.

Students also have an opportunity to participate in the Constitutional Litigation Clinic. Under the supervision of  constitutional law professors and experienced constitutional litigators with Liberty Counsel, students will  experience all phases of newly filed and ongoing cases including direct client contact, attorney strategy sessions, drafting legal documents and where permitted, participation in hearings and trials. Students attend a required weekly classroom component and weekly case-planning sessions.

The clinical program also includes a Prosecution Clinic in Bedford, VA.