God’s Unmistaken Creation

No single person possesses every skill or talent imaginable. To say that limitation equals weakness would mean that each person is weak. We are all created uniquely; thus, each person is necessary and valuable. If we existed without limitations, we...
By Kristal Dahlager | December 27, 2011

Exploring the Responsibilities of a Law School Dean

"If any Dean was behind his desk all the time he wouldn't be doing his job in the 21st century." I had the privilege of working as a summer research assistant for Mathew Staver, Dean of Liberty University School of Law, and...
Matthew J. Clark | December 02, 2011

When Children Take the Stand

Child Abuse and the Evidentiary Concern Child abuse is a grave concern in the United States and its victims continue to rise. In the U.S. alone the reported number of child sexual abuse cases has grown at a rate of 2,300 percent since 1991.1 ...
Alina Jolly | December 02, 2011

Trial Advocacy Program

“Objection, your Honor. Counsel is leading the witness.” “Sustained.” Attorneys prepare diligently to ensure that their courtroom delivery is not subject to such a ruling. This preparation is often the fruit of purposeful...
Jennifer L. Cervantes | December 02, 2011

BOOK REVIEW :: Hugh Heclo, Christianity and American Democracy (Harvard University Press, 2007)

Every Christian and every secularist who has an interest in the role of religion in public life should read Hugh Heclo’s Christianity and American Democracy. The core of the book comprises a lecture that Heclo, Professor of Public Affairs at...
Jeffrey C. Tuomala(1), Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law | December 02, 2011

Beyond the First Amendment: Free Exercise of Religion in the States

Prior to 1990, only a compelling state interest implemented by the least restrictive means could justify a state law that infringed free exercise of religion.1  In Employment Division v. Smith,2  however, the Supreme Court reversed that...
Martin Wishnatsky | December 02, 2011