Letter from the Editor

December 02, 2011

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Liberty Legal Journal.

Author.   Counselor.   Guide.   Peacemaker.   Administrator of Justice.   Mediator.   Judge.   Merciful.   Great Communicator.   These are words that we often think of when we refer to lawyers. Those words first referred to God, our King of Kings, and I submit to you that this double-usage should give us pause and bring us to our knees in humility. It should also cause us to raise the sights of our performance as legal professionals. When we as students or practitioners of the law take on the role of being an author, a counselor, a guide, a peacemaker, an administrator of justice, a mediator, or a judge, our actions should be honoring of the great purpose to which we have been entrusted. All of our actions should incorporate grace and should exceed human expectations and be pleasing to the Lawgiver Himself.

Such a goal places an emphasis on service that reaches beyond a worldly benchmark of success.  Attorneys and students of the law who strive for this type of success have arrived at a realization that our work, the time we invest, the efforts we make, this life we live, is not about us. The focus remains on Christ and having a faith so solid that we don’t hold on to “our” time so tightly that we suffocate the very breadth of purpose for which He has placed us on this earth.

C.S. Lewis wrote in his book, Letters to Malcolm:
Dance and game are frivolous, unimportant down here; for ‘down here’ is not their natural place.  Here, they are a moment’s rest from the life we were placed here to live.  But in this world everything is upside down.  That which, if it could be prolonged here, would be a truancy, is likest that which in a better country is the End of ends.  Joy is the serious business of Heaven.

With this in view, time takes on a meaning that frees us from the limitations of a humanistic concept of a lifespan. In this spirit, I encourage you to consider that if you have been given another second, minute, another day, that you will have faith (even as small as a mustard seed) and will entrust every moment of your time back to service in the Law, for Him.

The Liberty Legal Journal is a student-initiated, student-run publication, dedicated to providing legal expression and legal thought based on the Truth of Christ. Law students, faculty, and alumni of Liberty University School of Law are invited to submit articles to the Journal. Submissions are reviewed and selected for publication by the Journal Team.

Committed to providing a platform for wide-ranging legal topics, the Journal Team does not propose “themes” for given issues of the Journal. Interestingly, several article in this issue deal (directly or indirectly) with the most vulnerable member of our society: the child. Tackling topics from child labor, to child abuse, to child custody, to child poverty and its consequences, it is clear that Liberty law students and professors are keyed into the manifold aspects of children and the law. In this issue you will also find a rich variety of legal thought and analysis, along with some “news items,” tributes, and more.

It is our prayer, that as you read these articles, you will be inspired to earnestly, and in complete trust of the Creator and Mover of Mountains, utilize your individual gifts and talents for Him.  


Katherine Charapich

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