Award-winning journalist DAVID KUPELIAN says many jurists today consider themselves more enlightened than America’s founders.

Posted June 8, 2010


DAVID KUPELIAN, managing editor of online news giant WorldNetDaily.com and its monthly newsmagazine, Whistleblower, recently published a sequel to his bestselling book, The Marketing of Evil. In How Evil Works, Kupelian probes the mystery of evil anew with a journalist’s passion, unpacking the roots of moral freefall in American culture.

Q: Have you received feedback from people whose worldviews changed after reading The Marketing of Evil?

KUPELIAN: Yes, of the 250 reviews on Amazon, many say reading The Marketing of Evil really opened their eyes, and a few say it changed them forever. I’ve also received thousands of emails from readers. Two of the most dramatic were a former gay rights leader – a magazine publisher – who said reading The Marketing of Evil played an important part in his leaving homosexuality and publicly renouncing his former life, and another fellow who was high-profile in the radical body-modification world, who was so convicted by the chapter on youth culture [“Killer Culture”] that he publicly left that movement and published a manifesto explaining his change of heart.

Q: What new topics do you explore in How Evil Works?

The Marketing of Evil focuses primarily on culture war issues – abortion, gay rights, church-state separation, and multiculturalism. How Evil Works gets into the evils associated with government, the economy, terrorism, as well as chapters on atheism, paganism, sexual anarchy, the narcissism epidemic, the feminization of America – and how to fight back. The last chapter is titled “Turning the Tables on Evil in America.”

Q: You wrote that the Founders’ views on Christianity and government have been preserved in treatises and events “as if to thumb its nose through time at the ACLU two centuries later.” Despite the Founders’ readily-discoverable beliefs, why are many Americans quick to cite Jefferson’s misused “wall of separation” metaphor?  

America’s young people for the last couple of generations have been brainwashed by the government’s ultra-secular school system, which has been surgically scrubbed of any religious references or religious principles. Meanwhile, the grownups have been similarly indoctrinated by the establishment press, which has the same worldview as the school system, namely: There is no God, at least not one we need to pay attention to; government has a responsibility to solve all our problems; morality is whatever you like, as long as you don’t hurt others; and all cultures, religions and values are equal. In other words, utter confusion. Thus, with millions of Americans indoctrinated with the absurd notion that their founders didn’t want Christianity to influence government in any way, it’s understandable that they would accept the usual anti-religious explanation of Jefferson’s constituent letter to the Danbury Baptists.

Q: In The Marketing of Evil, you contrast the “soul-killing power” of public schools with the homeschooling movement.

Do you see homeschooling as the best hope for transforming U.S. culture? Also, are U.S. homeschoolers immune from widespread government persecution, akin to the German government’s concern over parallel societies?
The government school system has been under sway of secular progressives for the last century, and today is plagued by politically correct curricula, history books written by leftists and multiculturalists, zero-tolerance policies that justify persecution of children for bringing a nail file or 2-inch plastic Lego “gun” to school, and so on. The public schools have lost the spirit and the substance of what it is to be an American. For that reason, I recommend homeschooling, especially for younger children. There’s no question but that unless good people retake America’s culture, one institution at a time, from the political and cultural left, America will never again regain its Judeo-Christian national character. There’s much more freedom in America than in Germany and some other nations that discourage homeschooling. I don’t see a potential official attack on homeschooling being very successful or widespread in this country.  

Q: Do you recall much public outcry or media coverage concerning the 2004 revelation that Justice Blackmun consulted his daughter, who later became a Planned Parenthood chairwoman, after he was assigned to write Roe v. Wade?

The establishment media – I don’t call them “mainstream” because they aren’t – of course didn’t have a problem with Sally Blackmun’s revelations about her father and his pro-abortion position on Roe v. Wade. They think it’s just great that a Supreme Court justice would consult his daughter, miffed that she got pregnant out of wedlock, on how to decide the most important court decision of the last century. Unfortunately,  we’re living in an era when many in government, including some – though certainly not all – on the Supreme Court and lower courts, only pretend to have any regard whatsoever for the Constitution. Many regard it as a flawed document written centuries ago by slave-owning white Christians; they simply believe they know better than America’s founders. They cannot admit this, so instead they simply pretend to abide by the Constitution.

Q: WorldNetDaily features investigative reporting by Jerome Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., and Aaron Klein, who places himself in harm’s way to interview known terrorists. What are some prerequisites to a career in investigative journalism? How might a law degree be an asset?

A good investigative journalist needs a number of things – discipline, courage, good writing skills, a desire to expose corruption and evil, a sound understanding of the world, current events and history, and so on. A law degree would be an asset, especially when investigating legal stories.

Q: Whistleblower covers a wide range of alarming topics, from Obama’s czar collection to jihad. How do you sift through treasure troves of potential subject matter?

As much as possible, I try to tie each issue of Whistleblower to topics already of intense interest to readers, sometimes keying off the most incendiary topics from the daily news. The main purpose of Whistleblower is to immerse the reader in a topic of great importance to him or her, but which the establishment press gets wrong, which these days means just about everything.

Q: Some prominent journalists attribute the decline of traditional media to the Internet and pooh-pooh arguments that editorial policies have also dimmed readership. Do you see the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Rocky Mountain News, where their more conservative competitors live on in Seattle and Denver, as anecdotal evidence that editorial policies matter?

Of course editorial policies matter. The establishment press is dying because fewer and fewer people trust it anymore. Remember, the big media got Barack Obama elected president – a man steeped in Marxism since he was a teenager. The public understands that Obama won because the media unanimously favored him, and so as Obama’s popularity falls, so does the big media’s.

Q: Has the blogosphere reached its peak in terms of siphoning readers?  

There is no end to the seismic shift in newsreader habits now under way. The establishment press continues to lose credibility, and the New Media – which includes the thousands of dedicated bloggers – continues to gain popularity.

Q: Have demands to bury the Obama-birth-certificate hatchet by conservative celebrities, like Glenn Beck, motivated your staff to continue to probe? Is the smoking gun still out there?

It’s not an issue of a smoking gun, or of WND or anyone else proving where and when the president was born. It’s an issue of the Constitution, which plainly requires that presidents be natural-born citizens. The candidate should prove that in an appropriate way – at least as stringently as Little League, which requires proof of age with birth certificates – yet Obama refuses. Everyone knows he’s hiding a great deal. It’s not only his birth certificate – it’s his college records, his medical records, his writings, his passports, and on and on. He has completely hidden his past, and the establishment press has let him get away with it. Not WorldNetDaily.