Current status: Liberty University will open at 10 am Monday, January 9, 2017.

Safety Alert
LU Police Department

Recently an incident was reported to Lynchburg Police alleging that a young female was potentially served food or drink in a local restaurant on Wards Road that led to her being sexually assaulted.  All Liberty students are encouraged to not be out alone and to always be cautious about their surroundings.  If you must go out alone, be sure that someone knows where you are going and the time of your expected return. 

Please contact the Liberty University Police Dept. at 434.592.7641 or with any questions or concerns. In an emergency situation always dial 911 immediately. 


To report an emergency:

Dial 3911 from any Liberty University phone or (434) 592-3911 from any cell or off-campus phone. Pre-programming your phone with this number (including area code) will save time during an emergency.

During an emergency:

In the event of an emergency, notification will include use of:

  • The outdoor sirens of the Liberty University Emergency Warning System
  • Announcement on the portal pages of the website
  • Mass email to all Liberty University email addresses
  • Announcement on WRVL radio 88.3 FM

A second notice will be distributed when safety has been restored.

Emergency Notification System

On March 16, 2009, Liberty University went live with the Campus Alerting System.

The Liberty University Police Department would like to remind and encourage all students, staff and faculty to take advantage of the Smart Message Alerts, and sign up for this free service at


Bomb Threats

In the event that you receive a telephone bomb threat:

  • Remain calm
  • Keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible
  • Gather any information that the caller is willing and able to give you
  • Listen for any sounds that may give clues to the caller's whereabouts and/or the identity of the caller
  • Contact LUPD immediately

During the call, utilize the Bomb Threat Checklist Form, found at the link below:

Bomb Threat Checklist Form


Response to an Active Shooter - What you should do.



Have you Witnessed or been the Victim of a Crime?

If so, then it is important to know what rights and what resources are available to you. The LUPD Victim/Witness Information Form was created to do just that. Take the time to read and understand the information on this form. You are not alone!