Summit Ministries Students Study the Law and Christian Worldview at Liberty University

July 03, 2008

On July 4, about 60 students will complete a two-week intensive training program at Liberty University sponsored by Summit Ministries. Students attending the Summit program learn from national experts about significant religious, moral, cultural, legal, and political issues. They also learn about the Christian worldview and how to reason from a Christian intellectual perspective.

During the two-week program, Mathew D. Staver, Dean of Liberty University School of Law and Founder of Liberty Counsel, conducted a three-hour interactive dialogue with the eager students in the Supreme Courtroom at Liberty University School of Law. Dean Staver covered topics that included abortion, marriage and the foundations of law. Over the course of the two weeks, the students learned from leading national experts such as Dr. Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School; Dr. Gary Habermas, an expert on apologetics at Liberty University; and many others.

Commenting on the conference, Dean Staver said, "With proponents of moral relativism and postmodernism taking our system of education hostage, it is encouraging to know that organizations like Summit Ministries are making a positive difference by equipping a new generation to think biblically. As the largest and fastest-growing evangelical university in the world with a premier law school, Liberty University is proud to partner with Summit Ministries in an effort to prepare this generation of young people to apply a Christian worldview in achieving desperately needed cultural reform."

Summit Ministries, based near Colorado Springs, Colorado, endeavors to educate Christian youth about today’s post-Christian culture and to equip them with the practical knowledge and tools necessary to stand firm in their faith. During its summer program, Summit offers comprehensive lectures by leading experts on a variety of topics, including apologetics, history, theology, and popular culture. Students learn how to articulate a reasoned and biblically sound Christian response on issues such as abortion, postmodernism, and popular culture. Summit has dual goals of instilling in those students a steadfast Christian worldview and a meaningful understanding of why they believe what they believe.

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