Pro-Life Advocates Visit Law School for “Battle for the Unborn”

November 29, 2011

Largest Pro-Life Presentation This Year

Earlier this month, several pro-life advocates met together on the issue of abortion in a special afternoon event entitled Battle for the Unborn: Looking At The Pro-Life Battle from 5 Angles.  The event was held in the law school’s Supreme Courtroom and was sponsored by the Liberty Counsel Student Organization, the Liberty Law Students for Life, and the Federalist Society at Liberty University School of Law.

A variety of topics were presented from a diverse selection of speakers including:

· Phillip Kline, former Kansas Attorney General and Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law – who spoke on “Attacking Planned Parenthood”

· Gualberto Jones, General Counsel & Director for Personhood U.S.A. – who spoke on “Personhood Amendments”

· Dan Becker, President of Georgia Right to Life and CEO of Advanced Communication Technology & Services, Inc. – who spoke on “Personhood: The Future of the Prolife Movement in the 21st Century”

· Dr. David Prentice, renowned scientist with Family Research Council – who spoke on “Banning Embryonic Stem-Cell Research”

· Dr. Mark Blais DPM, Pre-Med Advisor and Professor of Biology & Chemistry at Liberty University – who spoke on “Medically, When Does Life Begin? – An Undisputable Answer to the Unanswered Question in Roe”

·  Mandi Campbell, Legal Director for Liberty Center for Law and Policy – who spoke on “Pro-Life Free-Speech Rights”

· James Lansberry, Vice President of Samaritan Ministries International and Founder of Morning Center Hospital Project – who spoke on “The Body of Christ providing Pro-Life Christ-Focused Hospital Care for Crisis Pregnancies”

According to Paul Brodersen, Founder of the Liberty Law Students for Life at Liberty University School of Law, this event was held to “showcase internationally known Pro-Life CEO’s, executives, lawyers, doctors, and grass-roots organizational leaders as an essential step in revealing the current battles raging against the holocaust of abortion, as well as, provide opportunities on how to become a defense in the pro-life battles.”

“We are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights, among which is the right to life. This generation, Christians especially, must not be silent as the blood of millions of innocent lives cries out from the grave,” concluded Brodersen.

The Battle for the Unborn was yet another event in which Liberty University School of Law focuses on training up new leaders in America to stand firm on higher principles of law.