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Blackboard - 99.99%
Website - 99.99%
IPTV- 99.95%
Network - 99.98%



Toll-Free: (866) 447-2869
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Information Technology

Liberty University Information Technology provides technology services & support to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the general public. 

News & Updates

Delivering a Customized Education Network
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Media wall promotes engagement at Liberty University
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IT You Matter

Bryant_Bowles Bryant Bowles
Media Systems Tech I
Bryant Bowles is a senior technician in the Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and Media Solutions Department. We cannot say enough about Bryant’s dedication. He has severe kidney disease which has resulted in various painful transplants and immunity issues. During his current course of treatment, he has endured difficult chemotherapy but has worked evenings and weekends in order to keep up with the demands of his position. His persistence in completing assignments despite immense personal challenges is amazing and inspiring. His positive attitude and devotion to duty are a testament to his commitment to Christ and to the mission of Liberty University.




Jake Durfee
Business Data Analyst III
Jake Durfee has been a staple of the Finance Team of Analytics and Decision Support for over three years. He has always been dependable and diligent, but over the past year he has consistently stepped into new challenges and each time has risen to the occasion. He served as team leader on a large financial system implementation, and managed an increasing workload with competing priorities. He has met all of these responsibilities with professionalism, patience, and a helpful attitude. Speaking on behalf of his customers and his team, Jake is an appreciated member of our office and his hard work does not go unnoticed.



IT You matter