Top Stories - October 2013

Liberty Law Dean: "Red Line of Liberty" Nearly Breached

October 17, 2013

Ancient Egypt, biblical Persia, first-century Rome, Revolution-era Britain. All civilizations that have crossed a “red line of liberty,” in attempting to suppress their people in religious freedom, undermining the family as the foundation...

Students Excel in Moot Court Tournament

October 17, 2013

As part of the fall Moot Court Competition, second and third-year law students had the opportunity to argue before real judges a case very close to one currently pending before the United States Supreme Court. Competitors alternately argued on...

Murals in Foundation Hall Depict History of Law and Mission of the Law School

October 17, 2013

Six murals displayed at Liberty University School of Law in Foundation Hall outline the history of the rule of law, from the Creation of the world through present day. The paintings, by Lynchburg artist Paul Dinwiddie, went on display at the beginning...