Welcome to the online resources of the Academic Support Program of Liberty University School of Law. Here you will find information that will assist you in your transition to law school. Please take the time to try out some of the hints and activities included on this webpage.

The Academic Support Program’s goal is to assist you in achieving your full academic potential. It is designed to help you and your fellow classmates with class preparation, class participation, and post-class review prior to taking law school examinations, as well as preparation for the bar examination. Throughout the academic year, the Academic Support Program holds workshops on case-briefing, note-taking, time and stress management, outlining, and examination-taking. One-on-one tutorials are available to assist you with assimilating course material and applying classroom knowledge to law school examinations.

I certainly hope you will take the time to look over the documents on this webpage and utilize the information provided. In addition, please take time to participate in workshops and other opportunities this office will provide during the school year. I look forward to meeting each one of you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Support.


Caleb A. Sweazey
Director of Academic Support

Center for Legal Writing

The mission of the Center for Legal Writing is to strengthen the legal writing weaknesses that hinder many students. The goal of the Center is to assist students in their development of strong and effective legal writing skills.

The Center for Legal Writing is designed to assist students in the improvement of their legal writing skills during every stage of law school. First year students who utilize the Center work through issue-spotting practice problems, graded practice problems, and writing exercises. Once the student has completed the problem or exercise, a one-on-one tutorial session is scheduled. During the session, the Director assesses the legal writing skills of the student and works with the student to create an individualized plan for improvement.

The Director of the Center for Legal Writing and the Director of Academic Support work closely to provide substantive review sessions that include practice problems for first-year students. These practice problems serve as a review for material that was just covered during the session. This is designed to assist students in applying the concepts covered during the review session.

During the second and third year of law school, the Center provides assistance to students through one-on-one meetings. In addition, the Center and Academic Support provide various workshops throughout the year to help students improve their basic writing and critical thinking skills. This is designed to help students prepare for the practice of law and the bar exam.

Contact Susan Patrick, the director of the Center, for assistance.