Liberty University School of Law has a generous merit-based scholarship program through which full and partial scholarships are available. To qualify for scholarships, prospective students must apply to the School of Law, meet admissions and scholarship criteria, and receive an offer of admission.

Scholarship awards are conditional upon the applicant's acceptance of admission, submission of the confirmation deposit, and subsequent enrollment in the Liberty University School of Law Juris Doctor program.

Scholarship recipients must accept any institutional and private grants for which they are eligible as a condition of being awarded a scholarship. Institutional and private grants, when combined with scholarships, cannot exceed tuition. If an excess occurs, scholarships will be reduced.

For further informatin, contact the School of Law Office of Financial Aid at 434-592-5300 or by e-mail at

Conditional Scholarship Retention Data

The American Bar Association requires law schools to publicly disclose on its website consumer information including conditional scholarship retention data.

ABA Standard 509 Interpretation 509-3

A conditional scholarship is any financial aid award, the retention of which is dependent upon the student maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing.

Scholarship Retention Data Worksheet

Students Matriculating in:

#Entering with Conditional Scholarships:

# Whose Conditional
Scholarships Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated:

2013 66 0








Liberty University, as permitted by federal regulation [34 CFR 668.41], electronically disseminates consumer information including: The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act information. Upon request, the institution will provide a free paper copy. Anyone signing or processing financial aid forms or seeking information or assistance at Liberty University must read, understand, and comply with the requirements disclosed which are available 24 hours a day at