Liberty Helps MOVIEGUIDE Redeem the Media

August 20, 2008

Liberty University School of Law recently launched an internship program with the MOVIEGUIDE® ministry, a Christian family guide to movies and entertainment designed to redeem the values of the mass media. Liberty University is the largest and fastest growing evangelical university in the world with 11,300 students on campus and 39,000 in its distant learning program.

“We just hosted a very competent Liberty University School of Law student named Tashell Thompson,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® publications. “Tashell was so personable, bright, thorough, and excellent, that our esteem for Liberty has gone from very good to great, and we have committed to working with Liberty law students and graduates. Every professor at Liberty is to be commended!”

“We hope this will be the bright beginning of a long-term relationship with the university,” Baehr added.

Mathew D. Staver, Dean of Liberty University School of Law and Founder of Liberty Counsel, expressed his excitement about the relationship between MOVIEGUIDE® and Liberty University. “We are committed to training a new generation of leaders to redeem every area of the culture," Dean Staver said. "I cannot think of a better ministry where our students can be trained to redeem the entertainment industry than under the leadership of Dr. Ted Baehr and MOVIEGUIDE®.”

The MOVIEGUIDE® family guide and ministry is dedicated to redeeming the values of the entertainment industry by influencing industry executives and informing the public about the influence of the entertainment media.

When Dr. Baehr founded the MOVIEGUIDE® ministry in 1985, the major studios in Hollywood released few movies with any positive Christian content—less than one percent. By the time the ministry started the Annual MOVEIGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, there were fewer than 30 movies with any Christian content among the major movies, or about ten percent of the market share. In 2007, however, 142 (47.8 percent) of the movies released by Hollywood contained some positive Christian content.

Also before it started, Hollywood produced only about six movies every year aimed at families. In the past several years, movies marketed to families have increased to 40 percent of the market share. Finally, about 80 percent of the top Hollywood movies used to be "R" rated before the MOVIEGUIDE® family guide to movies, entertainment, and culture started. But now, less than 44 percent are "R" rated.

“This ministry has definitely found the key to making a real difference in Hollywood,” Dr. Baehr said. “Our focus is twofold: to serve God through Jesus Christ and then to protect children and grandchildren from the negative effects of the mass media of entertainment. The more support the MOVIEGUIDE® ministry gets, the bigger its positive impact will be."

He continued, “We pray that Hollywood will make more and more commendable, family-friendly movies with stronger and stronger positive Christian content and positive biblical values, and remove all potentially offensive elements in them.”

For more information, please visit or To serve as an intern for the ministry, please call 805-578-2288.