Rusty Blades - Adult Hockey League

The Rusty Blades have been in the area for over 10 years and have over 100 members. With several Rusty Blades sponsored mini-tournaments a year they also have a Tournament Travel Squad.

The age minimum for men is 45 years of age and women is 35. Goaltenders of all ages are welcome. 

A minimum hockey skating skill level and equipment is required.

20 regular players are skated per night and they fill vacant spots with ‘spares’.


Regulars pay in advance to lock up a spot. Current regulars pay $13 per night. For two nights they get the second night for $12.

Spares pay per night. Current cost for a spare is $15.


LaHaye Ice Center, on Liberty University's Campus in Lynchburg, VA. Usually on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Roanoke Civic Center, usually on Thursday nights. (cost is slightly higher)


Contact Us

Gary S Ruberg


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