U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program

The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program was created to be the best beginning ice-skating program in the world.

It is designed to serve the basic needs of both recreational and competitive skaters. The curriculum keeps skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether they want Olympic fame or to simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, the basic skills program is the place to start!

LaHaye Ice Center offers two Learn to Skate programs using instructors from Liberty skating teams to implement the US Figure Skating Learn to Skate format. 

Wednesday Learn to Skate : This is for home school students and pre-schoolers only. It is a great opportunity to learn something new, get some excersize and meet new friends. It is held Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 AM and consist of 30 minutes of group instruction followed by 30 minutes of free time and organized on-ice games. The cost is $65 per session,  this includes five classes, a Basic Skills membership to US Figure Skating, and skate rental. Please contact Dawn Harter for more information at dharter@liberty.edu

Session 1: September 7th - October 5th

Session 2: October 12th - November 9th

Session 3: January 18th - February 15th

Session 4: March 22nd - April 19th


Sunday Learn to Skate : A great evening event for the whole family to come out and learn! Below are the different classes available on Sunday nights. The cost is $65 per session, this includes five classes, a US Figure Skating Basic Skills membership and skate rental. Lesson times: Snowplow Sam, Basic 1-3 5:30-6:15; Shared practice time 6:00-6:15; Basic 4-6, Pre-Freeskate, Adult, Hockey. Pleasse contact Tatiana Payne for more information at tmgomez@liberty.edu

Session 1: September 4th - October 2nd

Session 2: October 16th - November 13th

Session 3: January 22nd- February 19th

Session 4: March 26th - April 30th (No class Easter Sunday Apr. 16)


$65 per five-week session

Available Classes

SNOWPLOW SAM 1-3 (Ages 3-5)
Designed to help young skaters become familiar with the ice. The instructors use a variety of activities on and off the ice to make these levels fun and exciting.

HOCKEY (Ages 4+)
For anyone wanting to learn to skate in hockey skates. Participants will learn the basics of skating such as forward and backward skating and stopping.

BASIC SKILLS 1-4 (Ages 6+)
Designed to help beginning skaters learn different elements of skating such as forward and backward skating, swizzles, and stopping.

BASIC SKILLS 5-8 (Ages 6+)
Designed for intermediate level skaters. Skaters will learn skills such as forward and backward crossovers, edges, three turns, spins, jumps, and variations in stopping.

ADULT (Ages 18+)
For adults who wish to learn the basics of skating. In this group, skaters will learn skills such as forward and backward skating, stopping, turning, and
how to fall and stand up safely on the ice.

To Register or Get more information

For more information about available lessons or to register for one of our learn to skate sessions please download the Learn to Skate brochures below.

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