Liberty Community Training

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Adobe Systems creates multimedia and creativity software products such as Photoshop and InDesign. 

The Beginning
Working with Frames
The Beginning
Adjusting the Picture
Masks, Color, Transforming
Special Effects



Argos is a enterprise grade software reporting tool that can help you make sense of data from many different sources

An Introduction to Argos


Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning gives you access to thousands of video tutorials on hundreds of different software programs. 

Atomic Learning Spotlight



Banner is the Enterprise Resource Planning software used by Liberty University to manage records and information. 

New Users: Banner INB/Xtender


Blackboard (Online Adjunct Training)

Blackboard is the Learning Management System used by Liberty University Faculty and Students.

What's New in Bb
Tips & Tricks
Grade Center (Basics)
Grade Center (Advanced)
Hidden Tools





Spotlight training on the Cisco IP phones used at Liberty University. 

Cisco Phone Basics Spotlight


Computer Basics


Computer Basics: Concepts
Computer Keyboard: Learn to Type


Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management is the process Information Technology uses to replace computer components as they reach the end of their useful life. 

Laptop Deployment (LCM 101)


New Employee


New Employee Orientation
New Employee: Phone Basics


Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM is the Customer Relationship Management tool used by Liberty University.

Microsoft CRM: Getting Started


Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office productivity suite can be used to create documents, presentations, databases, and spreadsheets. 

Queries & Relationships
Forms & Reports
Functions, Calculated Fields, Data Integrity
Getting Started
Formatting & Worksheets
Filtering and Conditional Formatting
Charts, Graphs, and Pivot Tables
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Advanced Excel Tools
Spotlight Training
Getting Started
Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Notes
Getting Started
Integration, Outlines, & Videos
Insert Movies, Sound, and Clipart
Getting Started
Formatting & Document Options
Styles, Tables, References
Mail Merge
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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has many business through shared forms, calendars, and more.

Basic Navigation
Content Creation
Navigation, Views, and Content Basics



WebEx is a powerful conferencing platform that enables you to conduct online meetings with multiple users.

WebEx Tools: Getting Started





Qualtrics is Liberty University’s approved web-based survey software tool. It allows the user to construct and distribute complex surveys and provide statistical reports based on the results.

Qualtrics Survey Software