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Friday, September 3, 2010 CRM Feature Spotlight: Multi Search

The CRM Product Team is constantly working to improve your experience with CRM and to help other people use it too. One way we have done this is with the addition of a feature called Multi Search. This is the way you can search for contacts within the system. I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about why we created it and what it does.

The CRM product we use is called Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There is some built-in functionality but our team of developers is always writing new features to cater to the specific needs of Liberty University. The built-in search function of CRM is very slow because our database is so large, and the search was not designed to be used by an organization as vast as Liberty.

Multi Search is our way of getting around these obstacles to enhance the User experience. Here is how Clif, a developer who worked heavily on this tool, described it:

“Multi-Search is a high performance alternative to the default CRM Contact view. It allows you to search for both Contacts and Leads simultaneously using the most common identifying information. By focusing on only the information we need to find a student, the search is able to greatly outperform the standard implementation.“

Multi Search allows you to choose from many different search methods. These include: name, Liberty ID, e-mail, telephone, birthday, address and social security number. Now, in case you are wondering, your social security number is not stored in CRM. There is no way that someone looking at a person’s record in CRM can learn this information. A contact’s SSN is stored in Banner, so CRM can search the table and then return the record of the person after retrieving the information from Banner.

Recently there have been even more improvements to Multi Search. Error handling has been improved so that if an error occurs, a button pops up that allows you to copy the “technical” error to your clipboard. Then you can paste this into an e-mail and send it to us or the HelpDesk. By doing this, Information Technology will know better how to approach the problem and find a solution faster. Another convenient feature being developed is birthday highlighting. This automatically highlights the birthday field in Multi Search if it is that contact’s birthday. This makes the record of the birthday person stand out to an agent searching for them.

In addition, a pattern matching feature has been enabled. This will save time because you no longer need to select the search criteria. You can just start typing. It will automatically detect the format of what you are typing and set the search to read that specific field. There has also been a change made to the telephone search so that it works much faster and checks all phone numbers, not just the primary number. It strips all the characters out of the input phone number and then puts it into the 3 most common telephone formats. Then, this is compared to the stored telephone numbers, making it more likely to find the correct record even if the searched number and stored number are in different formats.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the Multi Search feature developed by the CRM Product Team. We are busy working on other features such as an Online Application and enabling more people to access CRM, such as the Liberty University Online Admissions and New Enrollment Call Centers. We will continue to keep you up to date on these improvements and changes.

For more information, please visit our HelpDesk DIY

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