Liberty University provides a Microsoft Exchange email account for every student, faculty, and staff memeber for both personal and business use.


  • Secure
  • Remote wipe capabilities for smartphones
  • Backed up nightly
  • Share calendars and schedule meetings & appointments with ease

Email Policies

  • A University e-mail account is provided with each Sensenet account, unless IT Administration has determined otherwise.
  • Students/alumni may have only one University e-mail account.
  • Faculty/staff may have multiple University e-mail accounts, in certain circumstances with authorization from IT Administration.
  • University e-mail accounts are established with storage limits (approximately 80 MB).
  • The e-mail system will instruct you to delete mail when their storage limit reaches 60 MB.
  • The e-mail system will NOT allow you to send email when their storage limit reaches 80 MB.
  • Whether you are a faculty/staff member or a student, the e-mail system will always allow you to receive mail.

Additional Information