Beginning Your Project

Submit a ticket request when:

  • The request does not involve implementing new technology
  • You're not sure whether the size of your request requires a project

A technical individual will review the ticket and will decide who and what needs to be done to satisfy the request. If the request is too big to be a ticket and needs to be a project (with an IT Project Manager), then the ticket will be converted into a project request.

Request a project when:

  • The request involves implementing new technology
  • You know that the size of your request requires a project

If a request involves technology the university does not already own or participate in then it most likely will be a project. If, as a customer you know this is the case, you can submit a project request via this request form (thereby skipping submitting a helpdesk ticket).

Project Process Overview

As seen in the chart in the banner above, the project request goes through review (in red) and approval (in orange and yellow) until it starts as an official project (in green) with an assigned IT Project Manager.

Full Process