Apple at Liberty University

Test Drive

Try out a new Mac at the Liberty University IT Marketplace demo station, located in the computer lab on the second floor of DeMoss.

Storefront hours:
Mon. - Fri.: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Liberty University fully supports the use of Apple technology and is happy to provide support and assistance to any student interested in purchasing or using a Mac. 

Apple education pricing is a great way for college students and faculty and staff to purchase Mac computers, Apple software, and select accessories at special prices. Newly accepted students are also eligible, as are parents purchasing on behalf of their student. Shop at the Apple Store for Education and start saving!

Built on the world's most advanced operating system, the Mac is as easy to use as it is powerful. And, no matter what your major is, it's great for college because you get:

  • A smart design that is durable for your college lifestyle, and friendly to the environment.
  • Mac OS X that comes with the security and reliability of built-in defenses against PC viruses.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office programs and the ability to run Windows too.
  • Fun with photos, music, movies and more with pre-loaded iLife software.

Apple also gives you 90 days of complimentary telephone support and a year of repair coverage. You can extend your coverage with AppleCare Protection Plan. For hands-on help, visit our Apple-certified technicians at the IT HelpDesk or