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About IT

System Uptime

Blackboard - 99.99%
Website - 99.99%
IPTV- 99.95%
Network - 99.98%



Toll-Free: (866) 447-2869
staff Local: (434) 592-7800
staff Green Hall 1539


Information Technology

Liberty University Information Technology provides technology services & support to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the general public. 

News & Updates

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IT You Matter

Frojo Zach Crouthamel
Manager Systems Administration
As manager of our department, Zach Crouthamel ensures that we have everything we need to do our job well. He takes an interest in our lives and also helps each of us grow professionally. Zach works hard to move our projects along, always helping us maintain progress within the department. He is approachable, respectful, and always strives to meet the needs of everyone in the office


IT You matter